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Re: The Gorge 2012

Originally Posted by BigEyed_Fish54 View Post
Tickets: Usually around 200-250 for the weekend

Airfare: I got mine roundtrip from Chicago to Sea/Tac for 380 last year, you know its going to be Labor Day Weekend so just keep an eye out for good deals throughout the year

Camping: With Toupstown you get transportation and camping for $85, I think the Gorge campground was like $75 or so for the weekend

Transportation: If you rent a car just keep an eye out for the best deals, most small cars were around $150-200 for the 6 days I was out there.

Beer/Food: Really just depends on how much you plan on eating/drinking, beers were $11 inside the venue, you can only buy hard liquor at state run stores because of Washington laws and there really aren't any stores around the Gorge so if you camp make sure you stock up for the whole weekend

You should probably plan on spending around $1000 (costs can obviously be split if you go with a group), I think I was right around there last year, like I said you know it's going to be Labor Day Weekend so you have plenty of time to scope out the best deals and plan accordingly
by gorge time next year you'll be able to buy alcohol at safeway, and costco (any place bigger than 10,000 sq ft.). we just passed a bill allowing private sales, closing down all state run stores. goes into affect june 1, 2012.

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