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Re: I can pretty comfortably say that Baby Blue is Big 3 good

Originally Posted by clcfball11 View Post
Agree completely. Just a very beautiful song.

I am also curious, what are your thoughts on Squirm? Been reading some of your review threads/thoughts and haven't seen much mention of it. I think this song is also Big 3 caliber, and even BTCS sounding, musically and lyrically.
I know it wasn't my opinion you asked for, but:

Squirm = brilliantly executed song

The music & lyrics are top-notch. Couldn't have asked for more with this song.
Originally Posted by DerekJTR2 View Post
You mean you don't enjoy unfinished versions of song like Raven from tLWS? I really love the part when he goes "Rosingraysonthis" and "woahchagotyothang"

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