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Re: Rank the Big Whiskey Songs

I'm one of those rare people that never really got a good listen to it until I got the cd for my birthday last weekend. I listened to the Pandora stream a few times, but it was crappy audio on crappy laptop speakers. So far:

1. Shake Me Like A Monkey (favorite from the beginning and still is)
2. Time Bomb (Dreaming Tree meets Two Step intro meets Rhyme & Reason )
3. Alligator Pie (was toward the bottom, steadily climbing, love the bridge)
4. You & Me (first genuinely good single-worthy 'ballad' since Crush)
5. Funny The Way It Is (tried not to discriminate since I've heard it the most and its a radio tune - still a good song)
6. Spaceman (love the feel/groove)
7. Squirm (may need more time to grow on me)
8. Why I Am (this may climb)
9. Lying In The Hands Of God (also might climb)
10. Dive In (started out near the top, steadily falling, but still decent song)
11. Seven (can see why some love it, good horns and drumming, just not that into it)
12. Baby Blue (sucks this had to be last, love the emotion in Dave's voice)

Overall I think this album is just below the Big 3 and just above Busted Stuff.
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