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Samurai Cop
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Re: Dating is miserable

Farmers Only
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    Re: Dating is miserable

    Originally Posted by AllifromOhio View Post
    Farmers Only
    You don't have to be lonely at farmers only.
    Originally Posted by tyler3440 View Post
    Side thought: If they had to listen to a 50 min dark star their head would explode.
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    Re: Dating is miserable

    srb & her dog

    Irvine lowers
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    Happy birthday, Paulie!
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    Re: Dating is miserable

    Originally Posted by Nick@Night View Post
    Had the strangest ending to a date last night. I'm still freaked out by it.

    Date itself went well (first date), spent about three hours chatting over a couple of beers before deciding to call it a night. Walk out to the parking lot, chat a little bit outside her car, and when I was about ready to head back to my car, she goes limp, falls against her car, then down to the ground. It caught me off guard, I thought maybe she just lost her balance or something trying to get in, but when she went to the ground without trying to break her fall, I broke in to a cold sweat.

    I bent down to see if she's ok, and she's unresponsive. Her eyes are open, but she's not reacting to my queries at all or trying to get up. A person nearby comes over and asks if they should call for help. I say yes, because I can't tell if she's had a seizure, or something worse. As the person is waiting for someone to answer the emergency call, my date comes to and stands up. She has no idea what happened, and pleads with the person not to have the paramedics come. Says she's fine.

    She's embarrassed now, and eager to leave. I said I wouldn't let her go until she could further explain what just happened. She said she didn't know, and really wanted to leave. After talking to her for a few minutes, she again said she was fine, and just wanted to get home. She assured me nothing else would happen. I couldn't keep her there, so I let her go on her way, with the instructions she let me know she made it home (she did).

    The whole thing was fucked up.
    Did a 2nd date ever happen?
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    Re: Dating is miserable

    Originally Posted by neumdogg View Post
    Did a 2nd date ever happen?
    We talked a little bit afterwards, but a second meeting never materialized.
    Don't talk unless you can improve the silence.
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