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CVille Benefit Rumors: What We Know So Far

Posted by Sean Balogh in Charity at 5:19pm on Monday, Aug 28th, 2017

Hey, remember when Dave Matthews Band said they would be taking 2017 off? Well, slow your roll. Thereíve been rumors floating around for the past week or so about a reunion of sorts quickly approaching. Various users have been letting a few details slip, although not much. Letís run through whatís out there, what is more likely than others, and where we go from here.

If youíre reading this, you probably know our fabulous fellows decided to start playing together in Charlottesville, Virginia. If you rack your brain, youíll remember that area has had a bit of a rocky past two weeks. Given that info and the bandís proclivity to regroup to benefit charities close to their heart, it shouldnít be a surprise if something were to come to fruition. Little is known about the location, although thereís really only two options.

Well known to the band is John Paul Jones Arena. They only have four events in the next month, so their calendar is wide open around the rumored date of September 24. The other option, Scott Stadium, is much larger, but as weíll see it may be a better fit. The stadiumís capacity is somewhere around 60,000, compared to the arenaís roughly 15,000 seat count. JPJ may sound like it would be ample seating, but thereís a few other things at play. Another leaked rumor is there may be other acts (some people are saying around 4-6 total). If the others are larger acts themselves, that 15,000 is starting to look a little small. Plus, thereís a lot of downtime switching between even four acts in a one-stage setup, which an arena such as JPJ would necessitate.

How do you go about getting tickets? Well, thatís the million dollar question right now: nobody knows! Iíd fully expect, given itís a benefit concert, that theyíll try to attract as many locals as they can (both venues are on the UVA campus, and classes are back in session already) before trying to draw in the hardcore DMB fans. Maybe that $35 youíve been paying to the Warehouse will pay off this year after all, and maybe theyíll be able to secure some tickets for members? Time will tell.

What can we expect? Itís been heavily rumored (and assumed) that it will be the full band playing, which ought to be warmly welcomed after a summer with no full band performances for the first time in the bandís 26 year history. I wouldnít go into this expecting a 14 minute Blue Water Baboon Farm, but perhaps the boys have taken to writing new music in their time away from the stage? Perhaps some of that may work its way out? Perhaps not; nothingís been leaked at all about studio time. But it isnít out of the question, either. Check out the 2017 Rumors Thread on the Forums to stay in the loop!



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