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Chickapig Gets Some National Recognition

Posted by Joe M in Band Collaborators at 5:41pm on Monday, Oct 16th, 2017

Chickapig, the fun strategic board game, is getting some well deserved national attention. Entertainment Weekly, yep that one, just reviewed the game and give it some glowing feedback. The article also includes some quotes from Dave Matthews in it, like how the game might never have came to be where it is now if it weren't for some "Guinness encouragement". Funny enough the game lends well to enjoying a Guinness (or two) with others while you play. Chickapig is also a great addition to Charlottesville Night 0 DMB Parties. :-p

We've enjoyed following the local Cville game as it's been growing larger. From the very early pre-release days of April 2016 when Chickapig participated in our Night 0 Charlottesville party at Mono Loco, we had the the game available for attendees to enjoy (sidecar'ed with a Starr Hill Warehouse Pils of course.) The community rallied to help with the initial kickstarter campaign to get the board game out to the masses. And then over the past year across the country, Chickapig has appeared at tailgates (you likely saw the 'big board' in action at any tailgates we participated in), with the latest culmination of a national Chickapig van tour.

What a ride Chickapig is on, and it has been fun to be along for it, including the most recent latest national attention. Check it out yourself if you haven't (couple ways to get 15% off when visit site.) Or if you already own a copy, get at it as you pass out Halloween candy (with a Guinness of course.)



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