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Dave and Tim Performing on Beach with Guests as half US snowed

Posted by Jen Henson in Tour News at 9:19am on Saturday, Jan 13th, 2018

Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds are back in Mexico for three nights of music. Last year's three night stand brought us a number of liberations. After a hearty Antsmarching.org campaign, Dodo was liberated on night two from a seven year hiatus. The Best of What's Around and Fool to Think were liberated from a 14 year Dave & Tim hiatus. And The Song that Jane Likes and Stay (Wasting Time) were liberated from an 18 year Dave & Tim hiatus. Raven, Dive In, Help Myself, and Eh Hee were also on the Dave & Tim liberation list. (Last Years Shows) Was this to make up for the no tour? Or was this specific to Mexico weekend?

Well so far, this year has not proved as ‘liberating', however it has been exciting in a different way. The addition of opening acts and surprise guests has opened the door to more of a Dave Matthews & Friends atmosphere. In 2017 , Vusi Mahlasela guested on two songs Mother of Africa and Everyday. He ended up being the only guest over the course of three nights.

Last nights show, Carlos Malta joined Dave and Tim on What Would You Say. This was followed by a Tim and Carlos jam reminiscent of last year's opportunity to watch Tim and Hamilton de Holanda play sans Dave at Jones Beach. Carlos remained on stage to play Lying in the Hands of God and Jimi Thing. Dave then invited Bela Fleck on stage and quipped that playing the banjo might not be the coolest thing that a kid can do but look at him now; jamming on the Mexican Riviera in front of a crowd of thousands on the beach and even more watching from home. We agree that watching Bela Fleck play Typical Situation and Lie in Our Graves is cool indeed.

The main set, of what is normally an intimate Dave and Tim show, ended with six musicians on stage as Dave invited the rest of the Bela Fleck Trio to join them. Antonia Sanchez and Matt Brewer rounded out the group and #41 and All Along the Watchtower closed the set.

At this point, one can only speculate if tonight's opening act Joseph will be invited onstage and, if so, what songs might pop up? If you couldn't make it to Mexico, you can play along from home with the AntsMarching Setlist Game. With Brandi Carlile opening tomorrow, Spoon will almost certainly be on everyone's set. You can receive real time set updates by downloading the DMB Hub iphone App or following Antsmarching on Twitter. You can also join fellow Ants forum users to discuss the sets in real time

There are fair share of rumors still circling Mexico. In addition to opening acts, speculation of Butch Taylor being heard/spotted around. It would seem that it's just wishful thinking, but if true, this would make the second appearance for Butch Taylor in as many years after a nearly ten year break.

Tour dates are about to drop for the full band. What does this year have in store for Dave Matthews Band? Only time will tell. Stay tuned to AM.org for news and updates as they happen.



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