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Howard Stern to interview Dave, and possible DMB-SiriusXM partnership

Posted by Joe M in Radio Appearances at 2:24pm on Saturday, Jun 23rd, 2018

If you've been following last few weeks, there's been quite a bit of SiriusXM activity around Come Tomorrow, and that leads credence to partnership rumblings we've heard. Let's start with the latest announcement and upcoming interview, Dave Matthews will be on the Stern Show this Monday at 9am. Can't say we ever thought this would happen, because after all these years it hasn't historically. Just two years ago the show did interviews with Camden DMB tailgaters and selected the most unglamorous parts to broadcast (more later on some similar recent activity.) This appearance will be a first, and a bit surprising given that Howard hasn't had too many positive things to say about DM/DMB in the past. Arguably one of the best interviewers in the game, Howard has a way of getting his guests to open up in ways you'd expect from a private conversation, yet far from the case. Tune into Howard 100 on Sirius XM this Monday 9am.

In addition to the upcoming Howard appearance, on the Come Tomorrow release date at midnight SiriusXM broadcasted a produced piece that played through the new album tracks with commentary by Dave prior to each. It offered early insight and context to Come Tomorrow and was an exclusive to SiriusXM.

And then just recently, a 17 minute interview on SiriusXM Volume, the talk channel about music. You can listen to it here, where Dave discusses (in longest form we've seen to date) how the new album came together. It offers insight into the album progress over the last 6 years, the repeated start/stop of Dave's writing momentum, and confirmation of previous Batson comments that Can't Stop was the start and sound anchor of album.

Amongst all the SiriusXM activity, there have been rumblings that SiriusXM may be adding a Dave Matthews Band channel to it's lineup. And this past weekend SiriusXM producers were in the Camden tailgating lots recording fan interviews. But was this for another Stern Show bit similar to 2014, or actually for a new DMB channel as positioned? The idea of a new DMB channel isn't that far fetched, and maybe a more appropriate question is “For how long?”. SiriusXM first did a week long DMB channel in 2009 following the release of Big Whiskey & the GrooGrux King. And then again in 2012 with the release of Away From The World, but for a full month that time, and even live broadcasted Night 2 from the Gorge. If the trend of more DMB content with each return were to continue this time around, it's fun to imagine what the latest Dave Matthews Band Radio could bring. (Is it too much to ask for B-sides?) Maybe we'll hear more Monday during Howard's interview, because while it may be an open debate if he is the "King of All Media" it's without question that he is the "King of SiriusXM".



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