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Dave Donates to Music Academy

Posted by Julie Wrinkle in Charity on 4/2/12 4:21pm

Dave Matthews has donated $50,000 to the Casterbridge Music Development Academy in South Africa. His donation was matched by local business, Seasons In Africa. The Academy's goal is to allow local youths to attend music workshops and learn to play musical instruments. The Academy is based on the model used for the Music Resource Center in Charlottesville, VA. More information on Dave's contribution and the Academy is available here

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Dave At Cavallo's House, And Other Happenings

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Band Member News on 7/13/10 9:17pm

Here's a few items along the way that you may have missed in the past week or so. Emphasis on the so.

In case you missed Dave's thoughts on why he performed at Music Saves Mountains, here's an item on it from tonic.com, which also includes a YouTube clip interview from Dave.

Dave is performing another charity event (without the MB this time). On August 22, Dave will be performing at Producer Rob Cavallo's home as part of the Backyard BBQ Concert. The charity is sponsoring the Tuition Assistance Fund at Heschel West Day School, and the performance is literally at the home of Rob and Kim Cavallo. It's a fundraiser, so it ain't cheap, but like I just said 10 words ago, "fundraiser". The link explains how the charity will work.

And in the world of blogs, New York Times Magazine writer Benoit Denizet-Lewis told of his love of Dave Matthews Band from a different perspective of sorts; a gay one. Have a read at his take here.

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DMB Track On Haiti Relief Compilation

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Live Releases on 1/19/10 12:56pm

Dave Matthews Band has contributed a track to the musical compilation Download To Donate To Haiti. The compilation is sponsored by Music For Relief, a non-profit organization dedicated to disasters relief & mitigation, and 100% of funds received will support those affected by the tragic earthquake in Haiti..

DMB donated Typical Situation, from what appears to be 7.5.97 (you can just catch the end of Minarets from the segue to Typical).

This is the important part: You will get the album first, but please don't forget to donate after you download!

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Dave Blogs for ONE

Posted by Jake Vigliotti in Charity on 9/19/09 1:57pm

Dave Matthews has taken to blogging. His column is located at ONE.org, an organization that has committed to the fight against extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa. Among their causes is the important AIDS awareness movement and promotion of drinkable water in Africa.

You can sign up at ONE.org and also learn at that link to contact your government representative and make them aware of what you think about the good things ONE is trying to do.

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