We are extremely proud to be able to offer t-shirts for both our male and female members. Each shirt has a stylish, distinct design that you'll want to wear to shows and social functions alike. We cracked our knuckles and think we came up with a couple pretty solid designs for our t-shirts. We offer few different styles: A regular 100% cotton t-shirt (unisex), ladies cut shirts, and a special performance shirt (ex: a running shirt) that is designed to keep you cool and dry when it's hot and sticky out. It's the perfect shirt to wear at a concert! (STRONG HINT: like at a DMB show). These shirts are bold enough for tailgating, yet stylish enough for everyday lounging.

Check out the designs and find more details below! Thanks for supporting!

Ants Space Exploration Shirt

Geek out with this impressive looking 100% Cotton high quality t-shirt! Shirt is black, like the deep space it represents. Don't make us use a mind trick to get you to buy one!

Shirts available in S, M, L, XL, 2XL

Select Shirt Type and Size

Thanks for supporting!

So, like, what do I need an t-shirt for?
To wear, of course! And well, you did ask for them, didn't you? The coolness of the tees is twofold. One, you get to wear the shirt to DMB shows and be able to identify people that might be just as nerdy as you, you savvy Internets user. However, we've designed the shirts to be stylish so you can wear them outside the shows as well. Take that, Hollister!

These are very high quality t-shirts, example the girl's shirts are American Appearel, the same that many band's use for their shirts, including some band's that many of you are very familiar with (i.e. these shirts are the real deal). We have done everything possible to keep these prices as low as possible. Unisex Shirts are only $15!, and Women's Fitted Shirts are only $18!. Shipping is a pain, and not cheap, that's why we decided to eat as much of it as possible and roll it into one easy method. For every two shirts shipping is only $5! Take that! You do the math. Free shipping on the second shirt! And we've got more designs to follow! Keep checking back here for more designs!

How do I go about snagging one of these?
Our store is set up through PayPal, which gives us a lot of flexibility. If you already have a PayPal account, you can use it for your payment, either using funds directly in your PayPal account, or by using the credit card associated with it. The cool part is this: if you don't have a PayPal account already, you don't need to sign up for one to buy one of these shirts. PayPal allows you to make a payment directly with your credit card, no account needed. Simply choose your size above and click "Add to Cart" to start shopping!

What if I don't live in the USA?
We ship all over the world! Paypal automatically calculates International shipping based on your address.

Please allow two weeks for delivery. International should allow three weeks. In some cases where stock expires and backorders come in, delivery might take an additional week. All sales are final.

When you get your shirt, send us an action shot of you wearing it!

If you have any questions about merchandise send us an email at antsstuff (at)


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