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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
March 6, 2007
La Cigale, Paris, Ile-de-France

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Show Reviews

User: AlexCardoso
It was my 1st DM concert, and it was very good, Timmy was funtastic, Dave as well, the set was very good! I enjoyed to meet DM fans from USA, Poland, Switzerland, France, a lot of Portuguese and Italian. My favorite song of the night was Smooth Rider! Now counting down for lisbon!

User: Benn
Awesome Show (despite some noisy & rude spectators).
Got there early, got a picture taken with Dave and an autograph. He spent something like 45 minutes with a bunch of fans outside the venue before going in.

User: Bennd
Awesome show! Beautiful Setlist, great performance etc... I was there at 16:30 and got a chance to get a picture with Dave as well as an authograph! Only problem was the crowd... quite a few people yelling at inappropriate times, and standing up without any regards for the people behind them. We're not all like that Dave!! Come back sooner than in 6 years!!! I made a medium/poor quality recording of it missed the first song, Bartender, and the very beginning of crush, but I have all the rest if anyone is interrested

User: byrne
Although I've been a fan since pre-Crash, this was the first time that I've managed to track Dave down for a show. It was certainly a great performance from two talented musicians and I had a great seat just over the stage in a balcony box on Dave's side. I have two things to add to the current reviews: 1. Tim is fabulous, a real machine up there. Dave gives him credit on almost every song and I get the impression that he wants the audience to pick up on that and know how much Tim brings to the show. Did anyone else notice how Dave pointed to Tim's chair at the end of the encore (slammed in on the floor, really), as if to say "he's the man!". It was great to see two guitarists so in sync up there. 2. OK, sorry, but it has to be said that people should just stop shouting requests and dumb outbursts in between songs. You know guys, Dave's not gonna just drop the set list cuz' you yell out "TWO STEP" every time there's a freakin' pause, so you may as well just simply applaud. Some guy yelled out "Go Timmmmyy" during a quiet segment of Tim's solo and Dave (who was offstage but I could see him), was pissed. He's just being polite when he says the "sometimes the best times are the quiet times", and you gotta read between the lines and just shut up. Sorry for the rant, but it's gotta be said. There were rumours of them recording this show, but even the best sound engineers can't edit out every dog barking from the crowd. Cheers to Dave & Tim for a great show. -TB in Switzerland

User: cbullins27
So awesome, didnt realize this show was general admission until we arrived but had good seats anyway

User: ckeegan927
this was my first solo dave show and it was awesome...I could have done with out Where are you going, but I think it played b/c of some idiots in the crowd yelling out what song they wanted to hear...We waited for Dave after the show and we were able to meet him and shake his hand, he was so humble. We would have never had this experience in the states.

User: diggitydave21
Great Set. Fans were great. I can't wait for the live download, and maybe some more pics from after the show.

User: Emanu
As this was my first Dave Matthews concert, it was just perfect. Perfect music, perfect songs, voice, setlist and Tim Reynolds was perfect too. The place was packed and many people had to stand on the sides or behind others. The place was quite noisy and many just shoted rude things with little rispect to Dave. But I will only keep for memories the best of Dave's awsome performace and jst hoping to see him back and hopefully with the Band back in Europe. Thanks Dave.

User: faceam
it doesn"t get much better then this

User: forchia
Very intimate venue, I was on the second row, so I really enjoyed the performance. A standard setlist, with a very noisy crowd (sometimes Dave seemed a bit annoyed by that, due to the nature of the show and the request for a quiet support)

User: harrythesecond
great show! thanks to Dave and Tim, please come back soon in all France!!

User: jbsteamboat
Great show. Pretty rowdy crowd. Was a little dissapointed that they played the same set as Milan. But it was still super fun night.

User: kjh5285
small, intimate venue, cool set, great tunes...aaaaand in paris. sick. lie in our graves was my favorite of the night

User: luismestre
The first Dave Matthews show of my life... Fantastic... Thank you Dave and Tim for a unforgettable night...

User: MiKick

User: mvedrine
My first DM show, and a great one for sure. Great setlist, with few surprises but we wanted to hear both classics and new songs so it was more than OK. Dave was in a good mood and we had a lot of fun with the bits of Davespeak he offered. Musically speaking, he and Tim are really an incredible pair of guitarists. They played as one and offered an excellent performance. And Dave's voice in really stunning when heard live. Audience was a bit loud, shouting things at some very inappropriate moments and flashing their heads off during some numbers, but D&T didn't seem to bother. One of the best concerts I ever went to.

User: pgirolami76
Liked the show a lot. People were singing right off the start. The portuguese were really excited. Dave seemed a little annoyed by the energy level but I loved every minute of it !

User: Rascal
I missed an exam in order to attend this amazing show! It was the first time I saw Dave, and that was awesome... except it seems more tickets had been sold than there were seats, I had to sit on the floor, which has bruised my buttcheeks. The good point was I sat 5 m away from my heroes and the pain was totally worth it!! Sorry to bitch again, but me and a couple strangers were really about to kick 3 drunken French asses (I'm actually French and it sucked) who kept yelling stupid things at Dave during quiet songs, especially they ruined Some Devil. Dave's voice was stellar, Another Thing gave me the goose bumps and I had never heard him reach so high notes before!!! Smooth Rider was pretty solid! I have to state that TIM REYNOLDS RULES!!!! His solo was divine and he really kicked asses when Dave had some trouble when his guitar couldn't be heard anymore on in the middle of Two Step. I think Tim filled and played alone for 2 or 3 minutes before Monk fixed everything. One hell of a show!

User: sjfrancis
so good, got right up the frount so great view and to top off the evening got to shake hands with Dave and tim after the show.

User: tyl-76
First D&T show! We were there early in the afternoon, and witnessed the arrival of Tour Bus. Dave stopped by everyone for pics and signatures. Had "Live From Luther College", "Some Devil", and "Best of What's Around" compliation signed by Dave !! Excellent show, a lil' bit far from stage, and near very NOISY portughese fans behind us.


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