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Dave Matthews Band
July 7, 2009
Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

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Show Reviews

User: Boeber
great to see them again
too bad there was a curfew (loved to see them playing crush again)

User: damoaman
Funky good. Great Solos.

User: Jaap
Great show! Especially Ants Marching, with an impressive violin solo! Only one remark: they played too many songs from the last album.

User: Jan-Willem
OK, here's a little review...

Funny the Way It Is - I actually think this works as an opener. The lighting was beautiful and the crowd got really into it.
You Might Die Trying - Badass. First time I heard the 'new' outro, really liked it alot as did the rest of the people.
Spaceman - I was expecting something highe energy here, but this was a nice change of pace. Crowd wasn't really into this, but I enjoyed it alot. I noticed Boyd didn't do backing vocals on this ("... the gooooood life") and it sounded better than what I've heard from tapes.

Then there was this small incident with someone fainting in the crowd. Strange moment, but I love how Dave just stopped everything and asked if everything was OK...

Corn Bread - Somehow this seemed heavier than what I've heard before. Maybe because of the incident that just had occured.... I can't say I loved it, but it was cool and the crowd dug it.
Lying in the Hands of God - WOW. First time I got goosebumps and I don't get those very often... Jeff, Carter and Tim shined here and it was played so soft and with emotion. I noticed it was a tad slower than the album version, which I really liked. Beautiful version! Crowd felt the emotion too...
Shake Me Like a Monkey - This got tight very soon. I heard tapes of this song being pretty sloppy, but it was great and very well played.
Jimi Thing - This was Sexy as a MotherFucker... Jeff again shining here with the double sax solo. My friend who was next to me was like Awesomesauce! Crowd loved it.
Everyday - Bit of a dissapointment here. Especially when I heard they had Crush and Watchtower on the setlist too.... But it was a great moment for Boyd to shine, and he did! Crowd dug this one. Euri's...
Alligator Pie - At first I didn't like this song, but once I got to know the lyrics I started to love it. Dave seemed to be really into the theme of the song, pronouncing the words really clear. Loved it.
Why I Am - Dave introducing the song with the little story about Roi 'laughing with his face'. Good Davespeak there. It was a bit slower than the album version but really tight.
#41 - WOW again. Saw this back in 2007 with Tom Morello on acoustic guitar, but this one was so much better. Jeffs face was red halfway through the song and purple by the end of it! What a superb musician that man is!!!! Started of a 'battle' with Carter and just blew the roof off the HMH. (funny thing: after the show my girlfriend told me she thought the jammed to long on #41 ).
Crash Into Me - OK version. Again something for the European crowd. They loved it...
Grey Street - Nice version of the song. Jeff and Rashawn played some nice riffs during the outro. Crowd loved this.
Where Are You Going - My friend was stunned by this. He loves this. It was an OK version with Jeff stepping off stage and Rashawn playing muted. Again a Euri-pleaser...
You & Me - I like this song. It starts off really soft, but at the end of the song the band is really going for it. Nice one!
Anyone Seen the Bridge » - Alot of people seemed to not know what was going on... I loved it! Stefan was running around on stage and Tim was playing a Heartbreaker interpolation. Really funky as hell!
Too Much (fake) » - Double fake here. Was hoping for a Halloween, but...
Ants Marching - Awesome version. The band seemed to really be into this. Boyd got another moment to shine with his solo being extended for quite some time. The smile on his face was priceless... Crowd loved this, for the first time all the hands were up in the air...
Time Bomb - Oh how I love this song! The lighting was beautiful on this. The intro was jammed out a bit and also the outro had the Tim solo. Crowd seemed to like this alot.
Two Step - Yes yes yes. Wonderfull version with alot going on. Carter changing up the pace quite a few times and I loved how the verses got really quiet and then exploded into the chorus. Carter had an insane solo and then he changed the outro to a more straight forward beat (are they doing this more often?) which built into an epic outro jam with the crowd going crazy! Great way to end the show...

User: klitgaard
Great show - STAY DOG!

User: Marcel0781
At last, my first time to see a full concert of DMB in my homecountry since I'm a fan! What a great night and what a great concert. I noticed that the crowd was not really familiar with the new album (which is not so strange because the album is not even available in the majority of CD-stores over here). The band played no less than 7 songs of the new album however and I really liked that, the set was a nice mix of new and old songs.
I did not know that the band is touring without Butch and it's quite a different band now. It turns out really good in a lot of songs but it has to be said that some guitarparts of Tim tend to make the arrangements less subtle in places where (in my oppinion ofcourse) it's better to leave more space. But Tim and Jeff are both really great additions to the line up. During #41 Jeff had a really nice jam going with Carter. I really respect Jeff, one moment he'll make you remember Leroi and you feel like he's still there and the other moment he is soloing so amazing that you don't feel the void Leroi has left, very impressive ! I think it's really amazing the way Jeff has found his place next to Leroi with the fans. Hope to see them all again soon here in Europe !

User: mervgoodman
Great show, shaky setlist.

User: Ralf
Ein richtig tolles Konzert (wie immer).
Mir haben die neuen Stücke am besten gefallen!!!
Wobei ANTS auch wirklich ein Hammer war und die Halle bis zum letzten Platz zu kochen brachte!

User: RWLinda
Best DMB show I've been to so far! This was my 6th.

User: schwonek
Great opener! Little Fish! And DMB was pretty damn good!

User: shaggydog
Time Bomb was awesome. The Two Step finale was the most intense I have ever heard this band.

User: stiek
good show, but not as good as the first time I saw them at the melkweg 11 years ago. Also al lot of weed smoking... very annoying

User: waanid
One of the best shows, of any band or artist (including Neil Young, Rickie Lee Jones, Daniel Lanois, etc.) that I've been to. Stay, motherfucker!

User: wikest
Much, much better than Brussels, when I saw them for the first time. The last time they were in Europe they tried to please the Europeans and to win them over. This time it was the real DMB playing! And although it's sad Leroi isn't with us any more, Jeff and Rashawn are real assets. Rashawn was also in Brussels, but he didn't impress me like he did now. Great backing vocals, too! And Tim may stay, too.


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