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Dave and Tim 1996

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24 Songs / 27.47 Avg.
Rarity: 11 of 17 (38.25)
This show has an overall rarity index of 22.38

Total Song Time: 2 hours, 6 minutes, 20 seconds
If I Had It All (Tease-Kinda)
Monkey Sex
Crash Into Me
Fur Trapper
Could You Be Loved
Three Little Birds (Tease- brief)
Me and Julio
Jailhouse Rock
Bus To Beelzebub (Tease)
One Sweet World

February 4, 1996
February 5, 1996
February 6, 1996
February 8, 1996
February 9, 1996

Taper: Unknown   
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S: 1  L: 0  C: 18

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Dave & Tim - Live At Luther College
An acoustic performance by Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds recorded live at Luther College on 2.6.1996.
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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Tuesday, February 6, 1996
Center for Faith & Life - Luther College, Decorah, IA
+/- Song Time Plays Guests Notes
One Sweet World 4:52 4 of 11
#41 5:21 5 of 17 Live Release: So Much To Say Australian Promo
Tripping Billies 5:05 5 of 14
Jimi Thing ...>5:33 5 of 17
What Will Become of Me 2:30 4 of 16
Satellite 4:24 5 of 16
Crash Into Me 5:18 5 of 17
Deed Is Done 4:34 5 of 13
Lover Lay Down 4:52 3 of 9
What Would You Say ...>5:07 5 of 15
Minarets 6:39 5 of 16
Cry Freedom 5:18 2 of 13
Dancing Nancies 6:52 5 of 16
Typical Situation 6:13 5 of 16 Live Release: Two Step U.S. Promo
Stream 5:03 5 of 16 Tim Solo
Warehouse 9:04 5 of 14
Christmas Song 5:07 5 of 14
Seek Up 7:29 5 of 14
Say Goodbye 4:48 5 of 15
Ants Marching 4:44 5 of 16
Little Thing 5:37 5 of 15
Halloween 2:42 2 of 2
E: Granny 3:08 4 of 10
E: Two Step 6:00 4 of 14 Live Release: Two Step U.S. Promo
Show Notes
Dave, in his sound check warmup, played some chords that are very similar to If I Had It All. They are not the exact same chords (IIHIA is higher on the scale), but this could be a lingering rift in Dave’s mind. But it also could speak to the simplicity of the Everyday songs and simply be ironic.
In the sound check, after some short jams/chords, Dave jokingly sings “I’m a fur trapper…” a few times.
during the sound check, after joking with a crew member about how someone always yells out “Me And Julio!” at every show, Dave attempts to remember it.
Dave jokingly yelled out “Elvis”, and played the opening rift to Jailhouse Rock and mumbled some lyrics to it during the sound check.
During the sound check, Jeff Bagby/Thomas played Starman Rock over the PA system, after which Dave and Tim played the song.
Live Release: Live at Luther College


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