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LeftyDv's Last Show Seen
Dave Matthews Band
Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI

Tripping Billies
Shake Me Like a Monkey
Stay Or Leave
Samurai Cop
Grey Street
Sugar Will
Here On Out *
Louisiana Bayou +
Lover Lay Down
Corn Bread
Crash Into Me
Best of Whats Around
All Along The Watchtower

Show Collection
320 shows in LeftyDv's Collection

0 shows on LeftyDv's Wish List
Show Map

Album Breakdown
Crash (12%)   Before These Crowded Streets (11%)   Remember Two Things (11%)   Under the Table and Dreaming (10%)   Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King (9%)   Unreleased (7%)   Busted Stuff (7%)   Stand Up (7%)   Cover Songs (6%)   Some Devil (5%)   Everyday (4%)   Come Tomorrow (3%)   Away From The World (2%)   Jams/Intros/Segues/Improv (2%)   Little Red Bird (1%)   Tim Songs (1%)   The Lillywhite Sessions (0%)   True Reflections (0%)   Stand Up Bonus Disc (0%)  

Overall Stats
Shows Seen: 72
Average Rarity Index: 24.42

Song Stats
Show Stats


Movers & Shakers
Porch Song +11725%
Kundalini Bonfire +6706.16%
Dream I Killed God +5922.58%
Gravedigger -87.12%
Shake Me Like A Monkey -85.55%
Lie In Our Graves -81.1%

LeftyDv's Tour Central (History/Stats)

Date Venue
Ants Rating
Your Rating
Rarest Song
11DMB 1995-08-15Live at Red Rocks: 8.15.95, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO4.88 16 (84%)Water Into Wine
22DMB 1996-10-31McNichols Arena, Denver, CO4.52 13 (72%)Halloween
31D&T 1997-02-17Paramount Theatre, Denver, CO4.63 16 (64%)Angel
43DMB 1997-07-02Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO4.54 11 (58%)What Would You Say
54DMB 1998-05-24Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO4.57 15 (79%)For the Beauty of Wynona
65DMB 1998-05-25Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO4.52 10 (59%)The Song That Jane Likes
72D&T 1999-03-02Macky Auditorium - University Colorado, Boulder, CO4.71 20 (69%)Improv
86DMB 1999-07-20Mile High Stadium, Denver, CO4.16 8 (44%)Linus And Lucy
97DMB 2000-07-25Mile High Stadium, Denver, CO4.41 13 (68%)Heartbeat
108DMB 2001-07-11Live at Folsom Field, Folsom Field, Boulder, CO4.29 4 (17%)Porch Song
119DMB 2002-05-10Pepsi Center, Denver, CO3.98 11 (58%)Cortez The Killer
1210DMB 2002-07-28Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY4.26 11 (52%)Cry Freedom
1311DMB 2003-07-21The Knife Throwing Incident, Pepsi Center, Denver, CO3.69 12 (63%)True Reflections
143DM_ 2003-08-06Radio and Records Convention, Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO4.91 4 (50%)Baby
1512DMB 2004-06-17UMB Bank Pavilion, Maryland Heights, MO4.12 12 (57%)Gas Into Fire
1613DMB 2005-07-10Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts, Mansfield, MA4.14 8 (44%)So Much To Say
1714DMB 2005-09-09The Complete Weekend on the Rocks, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO4.49 8 (44%)Anyone Seen the Bridge
1815DMB 2005-09-10The Complete Weekend on the Rocks, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO4.68 4 (19%)Blackbird
1916DMB 2005-09-11The Complete Weekend on the Rocks, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO4.8 12 (60%)Butterfly
2017DMB 2005-09-12The Complete Weekend on the Rocks, Katrina Benefit Concert, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO4.46 3 (20%)Exodus
2118DMB 2006-05-30Live Trax Vol. 25, UMB Bank Pavilion, Maryland Heights, MO4.22 6 (29%)Steady As We Go
2219DMB 2006-08-11Sound Advice Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach, FL4.33 12 (71%)Sleep to Dream Her
2320DMB 2006-08-12Sound Advice Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach, FL4.29 5 (26%)American Baby Intro
2421DMB 2006-09-12Pepsi Center, Denver, CO4.31 13 (65%)All Along The Watchtower
2522DMB 2006-09-13Pepsi Center, Denver, CO4.29 8 (40%)Stolen Away on 55th and 3rd
264D&T 2006-10-27Grand Garden Arena - MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas, NV4.46 13 (48%)I'm Your Captain
2723DMB 2007-09-25Cricket Pavilion, Phoenix, AZ4.34 12 (57%)Pig
2824DMB 2007-09-28Coors Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, CA4.22 10 (53%)Granny
2925DMB 2008-06-10Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain, Scranton, PA4.35 10 (48%)Recently
3026DMB 2008-07-20Live at Mile High Music Festival, Mile High Music Festival, The Outer Fields At Dick's Sporting Goods Park, Denver, CO4.17 3 (14%)Proudest Monkey
3127DMB 2008-07-22Qwest Center, Omaha, NE4 2 (10%)Sugar Will
3228DMB 2008-08-22Coors Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, CA4.02 9 (50%)Sugar Will
3329DMB 2009-05-05Journal Pavilion, Albuquerque, NM4.28 10 (50%)Seven
3430DMB 2009-06-17Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Maryland Heights, MO4.25 15 (68%)Best of What's Around
3531DMB 2009-09-04Gorge Amphitheatre, George, WA4.06 9 (47%)Stay
3632DMB 2009-09-05Gorge Amphitheatre, George, WA4.33 11 (55%)Caveman
3733DMB 2009-09-06Gorge Amphitheatre, George, WA4.29 8 (42%)Recently
3834DMB 2009-09-12Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, CA3.78 9 (47%)Time Bomb
3935DMB 2010-08-15Mile High Music Fest, The Outer Fields At Dick's Sporting Goods Park, Denver, CO3.93 5 (28%)What Would You Say
4036DMB 2010-09-11Superpages.com Center, Dallas, TX4.37 6 (33%)The Last Stop
4137DMB 2010-11-06Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA4.28 8 (36%)Tripping Billies
425D&T 2010-12-091st Bank Center, Broomfield, CO4.35 11 (39%)Kundalini Bonfire
4338DMB 2011-07-08Lakeside, Chicago, IL4.2 5 (23%)Joy Ride
4439DMB 2011-07-09Lakeside, Chicago, IL4.34 10 (53%)Burning Down The House
456D&T 2011-07-09Lakeside, Chicago, IL4.32 4 (40%)Blue Water Baboon Farm
4640DMB 2011-07-10Lakeside, Chicago, IL4.69 9 (43%)Best of What's Around
477D&T 2011-08-13LiveSTRONG Sports Park, Kansas City, KS4.19 4 (50%)
4841DMB 2012-09-07Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, CA4.08 6 (29%)Still Water
4942DMB 2012-09-08Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Irvine, CA4.14 7 (35%)Digging a Ditch
508DM_ 2012-11-04Barack Obama Campaign Stop, Lowry Campus Quad, Aurora, CO3.64 0 (0%)Take Me To Tomorrow
5143DMB 2013-08-23Dick's Sporting Goods Park, Commerce City, CO3.9 10 (48%)Digging a Ditch
5244DMB 2013-08-24Dick's Sporting Goods Park, Commerce City, CO4.11 9 (43%)Crazy-Easy
539DM_ 2013-10-27Colorado Rising, 1st Bank Center, Broomfield, CO4.39 2 (25%)Take Me To Tomorrow
5445DMB 2014-05-24Aaron's Amphitheatre at Lakewood, Atlanta, GA4.18 15 (65%)The Needle and the Damage Done
5546DMB 2014-09-05Sleep Train Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, CA4.19 3 (13%)Still Water
5647DMB 2014-09-06Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Irvine, CA4.27 11 (46%)Belly Full
5748DMB 2015-05-16The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, Woodlands, TX4.42 13 (52%)Rhyme and Reason
5849DMB 2015-06-30Wells Fargo Arena, Des Moines, IA4.06 13 (57%)Pay For What You Get
5950DMB 2015-08-28Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre, Englewood, CO4.18 11 (48%)Grace Is Gone
6051DMB 2015-08-29Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre, Englewood, CO4.45 16 (70%)The Dreaming Tree
6152DMB 2016-05-21Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH4.15 12 (57%)Stolen Away on 55th and 3rd
6253DMB 2016-06-29Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre, Bonner Springs, KS4.22 8 (42%)Shake Me Like A Monkey
6354DMB 2016-09-02Gorge Amphitheatre, George, WA4.48 11 (55%)Lover Lay Down
6455DMB 2016-09-03Gorge Amphitheatre, George, WA4.56 9 (39%)Cry Freedom
6556DMB 2016-09-04Gorge Amphitheatre, George, WA4.83 15 (71%)The Maker
6657DMB 2018-02-03The Night Before - Super Bowl LII, Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, MN3.68 2 (10%)Runnin Down a Dream
6758DMB 2018-08-24Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre, Englewood, CO3.85 6 (29%)Time Of The Season
6859DMB 2018-08-25Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre, Englewood, CO4.54 13 (65%)Write A Song
6910D&T 2018-09-22Farm Aid '18, XFINITY Theatre, Hartford, CT4.07 5 (63%)Come Tomorrow
7060DMB 2018-12-15John Paul Jones Arena, Charlottesville, VA4.7 12 (55%)Halloween
7161DMB 2019-07-05Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI4.59 20 (87%)Right Place Wrong Time
7262DMB 2019-07-06Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI4.44 10 (50%)#27
7363DMB 2019-08-23Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre, Englewood, CO0 -
7464DMB 2019-08-24Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre, Englewood, CO0 -


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