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Leroi Moore is one of two DMB members not born in Virginia, hailing from Durham, North Carolina. September 7, 1961 is his day of birth. Leroi moved with his parents to Charlottesville, VA, when he was very young, and he grew up on the same street as Carter Beauford. In junior High School, Leroi began playing Alto Saxophone. He played Baratone and Tenor Sax in his younger days (colpinto, p 32).

Moore began playing professionally after a brief stay in college. Moore helped found the C'ville Swing Orchestra (1982), and the John D'earth Quintet. The latter played at Miller's every Thursday night in the late 1980's, where Moore first met Dave Matthews. Leroi once commented that he saw Dave's first professional singing performance (Exodus, sitting in with Tim Reynolds band TR3), and was less than impressed. Moore did aggree to help out Dave (along with Carter Beauford) on Matthews second attempt to record demo songs. Moore and Beauford are the two original members asked to join Dave on his Demo to make up DMB.

Moore is often sighted as the 'shy' member of DMB, wearing sunglasses on stage and rarely speaking. In reality, Moore spoke often in early DMB concerts (see 6.1.92 video), often introducing the band and calling out the names of songs played, and famously yelled "Crunchberry's, Crunchberry's, Crunchberry's!" during the 5.26.92 show.

On June 30, an off day during the 2008 tour, Moore was seriously injured on an ATV accident near his home in Charlottesville. Initial reports were that Moore was hurt, but ‘fine’. In reality, he suffered a punctured lung, and multiple bone breaks. He was also limited in mobility – using a wheelchair to move about. Moore left hospital care in mid-July, but complications forced his immediate return on July 17th or 18th. His time in the emergency room was harrowing, but he rallied and eventually left hospital care again in August. Moore was determined to attend the DMB shows in Los Angeles, according to friends. Moore also kept a home outside LA, and would continue to rehabilitate in Southern California.

On the day of DMB’s first show in LA, Moore again took a turn for the worst. Only this time, there would be no rallying. Moore passed away August 19, 2008 in Los Angeles, CA of a pulmonary embolism. He is buried in Charlottesville. He was 46.


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