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The 2010 NCAA Tourney Picks

By Jake Vigliotti

The number 1ís win
Except for one team this year
Syarcuse loses!

(#1 Kentucky, Duke, Kansas, and #16 Vermont advance)

15 over 2?
Does not happen very much
Not this year either

(advance all #2ís, Ohio State, West Virginia, Villanova, and Kansas State)

A 14 is due
Last win was two thousand six
Oakland over Pitt!

(#14Oakland, along with #3ís Georgetown, New Mexico, and Baylor)

A 13 can win
But could two pull the upset?
Mark it down; two win!

(The #13 Ďs Siena and Houston advance, with #4 Ďs Wisconsin and Vanderbilt)

The 12ís own the 5ís
Three won in two thousand nine
Lets put just two thru

(#12 Utah St and #12 Cornell advance, with Butler, and Michigan St. as 5ís)

6-11; trap
Very Good 11ís now
3 will make it thru

(advance #11 seeds San Diego St., Washington, Old Dominion, with the lone #6 being Xavier)

Three 10ís won last year
Can this yearís hold the same fate?
Not this time; one goes

(#7ís BYU, Oklahoma St., and Clemson, go, with the lone #10 being St. Maryís)

8-9 is a split
2 8ís and 2 9ís will win
But which will advance?

(The 8ís will be Gonzaga, and Txas, and the 9ís are Northern Iowa, and Louisville)

Upsets galore still?
Of course there will be. But where?
Mid-West plays out as:

Ohio State wins.
So does Georgetown. 2 and 3.
Those are too easy.

(#2 Ohio St and #3 Georgetown to the sweet 16)

#1 overall.
Has lost in sweet 16 twice
Make it three times now
(#9 Northern Iowa upsets Kansas)

I love Tom Izzo
Canít bounce him too early here
Michigan State Wins!
(#5 Michigan State over #13 Houston)

The west is a mess
Already a huge upset
They wonít get further
(#8 Gonzaga over #16 Vermont)

Butler, Xavier;
Easy wins each. Mormons too?
Not so fast, Cougars.

(#5 Butler, #6 Xavier, #2 Kansas State move on)

To The South we go.
Duke is still Duke, you haters
They bounce Louisville

(#1 Duke wins)

This one is for Matt.
Tiny Little Siena.
Cinderella lives!

(#13 Siena over #12 Utah St)

One more upset here.
Baylor wins. NovaÖ ehÖ no.
Cats come out too flat.

(#3Baylor and #10St. Maryís win)

Kentucky Texas
Would have been a great great game!
If In December.

(#1 Kentucky moves on)

Cornell has the Smarts.
New Mexico has the speed.
Clemson has a lake.

(#12 Cornell, #3 New Mexico, and #2 West Virginia win. Clemson canít win because all they have is a lake, and thatís not going to do any good)

Elite Eight picks now.
Michigan State. Georgetown too.
I love their coaches

(#5 Michigan State and #3 Georgetown meet)
Who to pick now? Hmmm.
Izzo versus John Thompson
Weíll take the tall guy

(#3 Georgetown advances to the final 4)
The Butler Did it.
Kansas State did it as well
Again, Butler? Yes!

(#5 Butler in a huge upset makes the final 4, after Kansas St defeats Xavier)

Duke Slams Siena
Baylorís playing in Texas.
Duke does not care much

(#1 Duke to the final 4, Baylor takes out St. Maryís)

Smart guys lose to Cats.
West Virgina too much here.
Big East one more

(#2 West Virginia to the final 4 - Kentucky beats Cornell along the way)

Butler And Duke lose.
An all Big East finals game.
Georgetown Wins it all!

(Georgetown over Butler, and West Virginia over Duke. And the Georgetown Hoyas are the national champions!)

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