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Who is Cali?
It's not too often a true fan gets to interview one of the members of the Dave Matthews Band. Luckily enough for us, Cali currently of Mix 104.1 in Boston has queried the band a number of times. Cali's interviews with Dave, Stefan, and Boyd are well known for their in-depth insight to the band and arguably the best ones.

Thanks to Cali, a good friend of AM.org, for his kindness. We are now featuring all of his interviews with the band. Cali has been in radio for over 10 years, first at WBCN in Boston to The Buzz in West Palm Beach and now back home at Mix 104.1. Over those 10 years, Cali has followed DMB as a fan attending well over 100 shows and interviewing the band all along the way. His goal has always been the same: to use his access to the band to benefit the fans. There are a total of ten different interviews that range in topics, but offer a rare insight to the band. Featured are Stefan, Dave, and Boyd.

Cali Interviews with Dave Matthews Band Members

Welcome to the Cali Interview Archive. Don't know about Cali? Check out the "Who is Cali?" information to the right. These interviews make up some of the best Dave Matthews Band interviews around and get all the info fans are dying to know. Check them out for yourself, just click the titles to download and listen to the interview.


Stefan Lessard (Snow Sports Expo) (12-8-01)

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From the Snow Sports Exp, Cali pimps his touring stats. ;) Stefan talks about snowboarding and his love for it and his ability to get more time on the slops in recently. Talk about Everyday and how it touches home more so then the Lillywhite sessions. Talking about rerecording the Lillywhite sessions (Busted Stuff). The effects of 9/11 on Stefan and the band. Tour Talk for 2002 and thoughts of overseas touring. Talk about the snowboard Stefan has helped design.

Dave Matthews (Top Secret Location) (7-23-02)

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Cali's first interview with Dave comes from a 'Top Secret Location' in the basement of the studio. A typical crazy interview from Dave talking about drug use and experiences and drinking. Topics discussed include Butch Taylor as part of the band, what is in the silver cup Dave has on stage, singing backup to the crowd during Everyday. Also part of this interview is a performance of Gravedigger.

Stefan Lessard (Snow Sports Expo) (11-16-02) (Part 1)

(Downloaded 667 times)
In this interview Stefan discusses the upcoming 2002 Winter Tour and about snowboarding. Talking about how he feels about Madison Square Garden. A highlight is his discussion of Everyday and how he looks forward to no re-doing song and how Busted Stuff only had 2 new song. Also mentions the Lilywhite sessions.

Stefan Lessard (Snow Sports Expo) (11-16-02) (Part 2)

(Downloaded 929 times)
More about Everyday and Glen Ballard and fans negative reaction. Stefan talks about what goes on in his head when he is on stage. Also find out what Stefan is listening to at the time. Stefan also discusses his favorite songs (after having hard time thinking of any) and that he has a long list of songs that are his least favorite.

Dave Matthews (Some Devil Promo) (10-14-03)

(Downloaded 1382 times)
Dave talks about Some Devil and his approach and the 2003 Summer Tour saying it was the best the band had ever had. Dave talks up the greatness of 'Dave and Friends' and the tour. Also discussed is the Central Park concert and DMB's future plans in the studio.

Boyd Tinsley (Borders Books) (11-20-03)

(Downloaded 686 times)
A Save the Music interview and discussion about Boyd's solo project, True Reflections. Questions answered in this interview include; Why he did the solo project, Why he didn't play much violin, Touring for True Reflections. Talking about the Everyday album and how it reflects their RCA contract. And then discusses the Summer 2003 tour from the bands point of view and Central Park.

Stefan Lessard (Off Season Talk) (12-5-03)

(Downloaded 1108 times)
Another great interview with Stefan. This one taking place following the 2003 Summer Tour and the Central Park show, both of which are discussed. Stefan comments on what he has been doing over the break and looking forward to the birth of Hazel. The interview occurs in a interesting part of DMB history when Stefan was feeling different then past years. He talks about being the punk of the band and about not interacting with Dave on stage and not being one of the 'friends' from Dave and Friend tour, saying "when he's ready to get back with the big boys, we're ready for him."

Stefan Lessard (Early 2004 Tour) (7-7-04) (Part 1)

(Downloaded 654 times)
Stefan talks about his new daughter Hazel and what he did before the 2004 tour started. Discusses the 4 new songs that the band is playing during the tour and confirms the names of the songs. Stefan talks about the difference between recording songs that have been road tested and those that haven't. Stefan talks about possible producers for the new album.

Stefan Lessard (Early 2004 Tour) (7-7-04) (Part 2)

(Downloaded 670 times)
Stefan questions whether he likes to be back on tour and he is due for time off. He talks about having more fun this tour because he is able to play new songs. He also talks about openers that he has suggested and has brought on tour and how some others he suggested were 'a little to hard for this band.'

Stefan Lessard (Early 2004 Tour) (7-7-04) (Part 3)

(Downloaded 908 times)
In Part 3, the Gorge release and venue are discussed and how it's not the best venue for sound, especially for bass. Stefan talks about what goes into making a setlist on a given night. Is there a group decision to shelf songs for awhile? Where do you see this band going to in the future?

Dave Matthews and Stefan Lessard (Stand Up Tour) (7-16-05)

(Downloaded 4221 times)
Both discuss the new album Stand Up and the energy on 2005 tour. Is Stand Up the greatest achievement? How has making Stand Up effected the personal relationships of the band? Why continue to tour and where do you go next? Do you ever think about trying to capture the new and younger fans? Fall and Winter 2005 plans? How did you decide to bring back #34? What can fans expect at Randalls Island Concert series? Thoughts on Live8/G8 and if it had an impact. Stefans new website.

Stefan Lessard (Early 2008 Tour) (6-24-08)

(Downloaded 123 times)
Cali talks with Stefan and gets the latest updates on the band and Stefan. We get updates on the future of Yukon Kornelius and the effect the band has on DMB. The band introduces many Cover Songs this tour, how did it come about? Returning to the road is DMB veteran Tim Reynolds. Stefan talks about how Tim brings back old riffs to songs and energizes the band. He also answers the question, what happened to Butch Taylor? Also some early album recording discussion and where they are in the process. Stefan talks about the bands desire to do world touring and also about being woken up in his burning house.

Stefan Lessard (Early 2010 Tour) (6-8-10)

(Downloaded 454 times)
Cali gets back with Stefan for another stellar interview with topics every fan is curious about. For the first time individually, Stefan discusses the loss of LeRoi Moore in some detail. How Stefan received the news, how he took it, and also how the loss to the band affected the rest of the tour. Stefan discusses the traveling practice room, and the reasoning for not touring in 2011. Will the break continue after 2011? What age would he question continuing touring? Also, Stefan addresses the future of Monkey Man, Machead, and Spotlight. Latest update on what goes into the band making a setlist. A detailed history of Yukon Kornelius and will they do a tour in 2011? Where does Stefan see himself in 5 years?

Stefan Lessard (Fall 2010 Tour) (11-9-10)

(Downloaded 2206 times)
Cali gets the latest from Stefan with a room full of contest winners sit in at Ben and Jerry's in Boston. One of the treats for the contest winners was to hear the newly found "first show". Stefan discusses the story of the first show and what he can remember from it, along with some of the other goodies in his archive. Twitter has been a big part of Stefan's connection to the fans recently as he talks about what he likes most about it. Why doesn't Fonz have a mic? Does he want one? Also Stefan talks about Carters role in the band. And what's the latest on taking 2011 off? And how has it affected the 2010 tours? And some insight into where Sugar Will Crazy Easy and Shotgun are hiding.


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