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  1. Go Illini!
  2. ***Offical Red Wings Suck Thread***
  3. Go Colts.
  4. College Football Upset of the Week
  5. **NCAA Basketball Thread**
  6. Da Bears
  7. Philadelphia Phillies
  8. New York Yankees
  9. Boston Red Sox
  10. Philadelphia Eagles
  11. Minnesota Twins
  12. ** College Football Season **
  13. World champion Chicago Cubs thread. (Chicago is titletown)
  14. New England Patriots Thread
  15. Pro Wrestling is FAKE!?!
  16. Ultimate Fighting/MMA
  17. The Cleveland Indians!!!!
  18. **The Philadelphia Flyers**
  19. ***The Official Pittsburgh Penguins Thread****
  20. Ohio State Football
  21. Pittsburgh Steelers
  22. NFL Rookie Hazing
  23. Fantasy Football -Start 'em or Sit 'em Advice Thread
  24. New York Giants
  25. The Wolverines vs. The Buckeyes
  26. Official Indiana University Basketball Thread
  27. Kentucky Basketball: not as great as the 1950 National Football Champs but whatever
  28. **The Official Milwaukee Brewers (Season To Season) Thread**
  29. **Official New York Jets Fan Thread**
  30. Detroit Tigers
  31. The Dallas Cowboys Thread
  32. Los Angeles Chargers
  33. 2007 Major League Baseball Season
  34. What is the most impressive individual sports streak of all time?
  35. **Official 2007 NASCAR Thread**
  36. New York Rangers
  37. The Great Sports Debate: Just doing good anually VS Winning it all once then sucking
  38. NFL Football 2007-2008
  39. ***Official Premiership, FA Cup, Carling Cup, Champions League etc. Thread***
  40. What teams have the worst fans....
  41. NHL 2007 - 2008 Season Discussion
  42. Fantasy Football 2007-2008
  43. Join a fantasy football league!?!!?
  44. Sportsbook betting
  45. Time to Asterisk the Patriots' Super Bowls
  46. Spinoff: Worst College Football Officiating Calls Of All Time
  47. Nba 2007-2008
  48. The Cincinnati Bengals
  49. Minnesota Vikings
  50. Devin Hester = Most Exciting Player In NFL
  51. The Oregon Ducks.
  52. biggest point spread straight up winner in history
  53. Indiana University Football (Finally Respectable)
  54. Should American League pitchers bat?
  55. The Cleveland Indians will win the World Series this year.
  56. Rockies vs Phillies
  57. Who do you think will win the world series?
  58. Official Thread of the 2007 MLB Playoffs
  59. Purdue vs. Ohio State
  60. Boston Celtics
  61. Jacques Villenueve and NASCAR
  62. If You Were Head Coach of the AZ Cardinals...
  63. The Water Cooler
  64. Colin Cowherd
  65. Garrett Wolfe or Adrian Peterson
  66. mike and mike in the morning.
  67. PTI vs. Around The Horn
  68. who wins: cowboys or patriots?...and why?
  69. What are your superstitions?
  70. Trent Green's block
  71. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  72. Offical San Fransico 49ers thread
  73. College Football > NFL
  74. How bout them BILLS?!
  75. Should Dick Juron be fired??? (WNYc)
  76. Roger Clemens
  77. Joe "4 world series titles in 12 years" Torre
  78. It's amazing to me...
  79. THE Colorado Rockies....
  80. Vike to pay back 20 Million...
  81. **ny Knicks**
  82. U of A Wildcats Basketball
  83. Best Place To Watch The Game
  84. D1 College Hockey 2007-2008
  85. will the miami dolphins go 0-16?
  86. Arizona D-backs fans are WEAK.
  87. Norman Oklahoma car dealership commercial
  88. Caroline Panthers sign Testaverde to a 1 year contract
  89. Skip Bayless...
  90. Sports you don't consider sports...
  91. Tampa Bay Rays
  92. Lou Holtz off his Rocker
  93. Stuart Scott has killed ESPN
  94. Schuerholz leaving Braves
  95. I wish I could lynch Stephen A Smith
  96. Kornheiser/Wilbon/Reali???
  97. The Mitchell Report
  98. I Have Found Possibly The Greatest Boxer Ever
  99. Philadelphia E*A*G*L*E*S
  100. attention: baseball fans..
  101. #17 Kentucky Will Beat #1 LSU
  102. who would you rather have on your club?
  103. Hey Announcers Get of USC Nuts
  104. The Cowboys will beat The Patriots
  105. Best MLB team of our generation?
  106. Tonight's (10/15/2007) ALCS Home Umpire
  107. Week 9: Patriots @ Colts
  108. 6 weeks in...let's have some fun
  109. Ray of Hope
  110. E: 60
  111. Would you rather witness a great concert or great sporting event?
  112. Minnesota Wild!
  113. Note to Fox: Stop letting players, coaches, musicians read the lineup
  114. Your Worst Sports Memory?
  115. Greatest sport moment you've witnessed
  116. Wanna go to the Breeder's Cup for free?
  117. Lol @ Jimmy Kimmel
  118. Do Most Atheletes Care As Much As We Do?
  119. Red Sox fans, who do you blame?
  120. The Boston Bruins thread
  121. Hunter Hall of Famer?
  122. Joe Torre to return to Yankees
  123. Heisman
  124. Kenny Lofton: Hall of Famer?
  125. Who Has The Best Fans??
  126. Spinoff: Who Has The SCARIEST Fans??
  127. Whos the best sports announcer?
  128. Do you mind the double standard regarding fighting in sports?
  129. Spinoff: Worst Sports Announcer
  130. Orlando Magic
  131. When will the sports media stop sucking on Notre Dame's balls?
  132. So if you took Kentucky +7...
  133. Who wins ALCS game 7??
  134. Colorado should not be in the World Series because they didn't have the best record.
  135. Paul Byrd bough HGH
  136. Womens College Volleyball
  137. If you let Barry Bonds into the Hall, do you have to let Pete Rose in too?
  138. So what is the worst Team in the NFL This year
  139. biggest joke in football?
  140. Best Team in the NFC?
  141. Best Team in the NFC?
  142. Who will win the World Series?
  143. Who do you want to stab more this October?
  144. Les Miles: Bad decision? (AU vs. LSUc)
  145. Skip Bayliss is right...
  146. Rick Riley to ESPN...
  147. ***The Official SEC Football Thread***
  148. Agents?
  149. Mike Gundy, Eat Your Words
  150. "best" teams to not win it all
  151. I've been looking forever for this shit. HELP!!
  152. When Ya Get Drafted!(NFL Changes Draft Rules)
  153. MLS Playoffs.
  154. Things you'll never hear uttered in sports...
  155. NBA Trade
  156. Your Dream Team
  157. Bash the Pats!
  158. Your Dream Team (Football)
  159. Channing Crowder - fine example of getting a good college education
  160. Who is the Most Popular Sports Franchise???
  161. SPINOFF: Greatest NFL Franchise
  162. SPINOFF (the real one): Greatest NFL Franchise
  163. SPINOFF (THE REAL REAL ONE): Greatest NFL Franchise
  164. Hudsonia.
  165. The AL is better than the NL.
  166. Will Kobe be traded this season???
  167. Tacoby Bellsbury
  168. Who will be the new Yankees manager?
  169. Most Ridiculous Play Ever?
  170. Does Cam Cameron get the blame for this horrible Dolphins team?
  171. Do you support expansion of USA sports elsewhere?
  172. Best video I've seen in a while...
  173. A-rod Opts Out
  174. Bosox Fans: Would you want A-rod for a $300 mil contract?
  175. Favre or Brady
  176. Yankees officially offer Joe Girardi the manager gig for 3yrs @ $6M
  177. Spinoff: Who is the bigger villian?
  178. The next city to get a major sport franchise
  179. Renteria to the Tigers
  180. Where Does A-Rod Eventually Sign?
  181. Where Does A-Rod Eventually Sign?
  182. who would be the best option to fill 3rd for the Yankees??
  183. Torre AND Mattingly to the Dodgers?!
  184. Should A-Rod Return to Shortstop?
  185. NFL Open Letters
  186. Best/Worst Division in the NFL?
  187. Deal reportedly close for Kobe to the Bulls
  188. purely hypothetical: if the packers and cowboys play in the NFC championship...
  189. Notre Dame to receive $1.3 million from the BCS this season
  190. Most Dominant WR in Super Bowl Era
  191. Music or Sports
  192. Jon Kitna's halloween costume
  193. If not Boston, where does Curt Schilling wind up?
  194. Coach any team... for one game... what team/venue?
  195. Papelbon lost his ball..
  196. Super Bowl Predictions: Midway Point
  197. Official 2007-2008 MLB Offseason Chat Thread
  198. Bonds will boycott HOF if ball has asterisk
  199. NFL Rookie of the Year
  200. Biggest Upset in Sports History?
  201. Biggest Screwjob in Sports History
  202. Official PAC-10 Athletics Thread
  203. Favorite Boxing Match?
  204. Charlie Weis: The Most Fraudulent Fraud of All Time
  205. It Hasn't Even Been a Week, and the World Series Buzz Has Died Down
  206. Cowboys @ Eagles
  207. Your favorite athlete (In each sport):
  208. The new Yankee Stadium
  209. Adrian peterson sets NFL Record for most rushing yards in one game
  210. Someone explain to me the "good defense" rule in the NFL
  211. Week 10: Cowboys at Giants
  212. will the patriots go undefeated this regular season?
  213. Does Columbus have something in the water?
  214. Mark it on the calendar....
  215. Peyton's commercials
  216. Instant replay in baseball?
  217. Anyone else here watch Formula One?
  218. Scenario (PerfectSeasonC)
  219. NHL Hockey 2007-08
  220. Which was the better game?
  221. Why A-Rod could go unsigned this offseason...
  222. 2007 Heisman Trophy
  223. Duke Basketball
  224. Vince Young/Rex Grossman Media Double Standard
  225. 11 current FAs named in Mitchell Report...
  226. Ashamed as a die-hard Vikings Fan, Childress needs to be fired ASAP.
  227. First to Go?
  228. Does Boston Pull Out the Triple Crown?
  229. North Dakota State Football
  230. I thought this might interest some people
  231. Playoff Predictions
  232. Who would you rather have in their prime?
  233. Longhornspracticedancemoves not football.
  234. PEDROIA wins AL rookie of the year. opinions?
  235. So Dan Patrick is on WSCR the Score now?
  236. C.C. Sabathia wins AL Cy Young
  237. 2007-08 Ants Fantasy NCAA Basketball League
  238. The Celtics on pace to break 95-96 Bulls record
  239. How Many Games Will the Celts Win?
  240. Ricky Williams...reinstated...again...
  241. Greatest college football rivalry?
  242. Steve Spurrier to Texas A&M?
  243. Barry Bonds Indicted on Federal Purgury and Obstruction Charges
  244. South Carolina vs. Clemson
  245. Jake Peavy wins the NL Cy Young Award Unanimously
  246. Who is the best World Series Team Ever?
  247. The BCS sucks, and is awful. HERE is how to fix it.
  248. 1992 Dream Team
  249. Jeremy Roenick
  250. ^^^ Fire Nick Saban ^^^