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06-07-2014, 12:27 AM
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Dave Matthews Band
May 26, 1999
Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

taper: Mike Vernal and Craig Willougby
source: Earthworks sr77>audio magic cables>lunatec v2>audio magic cables>da-p1
17' stand, 20th row

conversion: Mike Vernal

track | title | m:s.f
d1t01 Intro 2:01.16
d1t02 One Sweet World 10:12.38
d1t03 Jimi Thing 14:28.29
d1t04 Stay* 7:18.06
d1t05 PNP intro 5:27.29
d1t06 Pantala Naga Pampa 0:41.03
d1t07 Rapunzel@ 7:59.46
d1t08 Recently^ 4:49.59
d1t09 Granny* 5:26.57
d1t10 Say Goodbye 10:41.05

d2t01 What Would You Say 6:43.57
d2t02 John the Revelator%#* 7:28.32
d2t03 Love Of My Life%#* 7:09.64
d2t04 So Much To Say 4:55.55
d2t05 True Reflections* 7:57.59
d2t06 Two Step# 16:43.15
d2t07 All Along the Watchtower+ 10:39.29
d2t08 #40 tease 0:38.27
d2t09 Ants Marching# 8:48.51

* - with Tawatha Agee, Cindy Myzell, and Brenda White King
@ - with Karl Perazzo
^ - Broadway, Some People Do intros
% - with all of Santana
# - with Bela Fleck
+ - with Carlos Santana

none, really. all around fantastic, show, absolutely killer recording.

compiled by: Allan Chen (kaiyen@stanford.edu)

1df9d5539e9559926eb98f325d46ac38 *dmb1999-05-26d1t01.shn
582eec9e07e8004b8316dbdc7ec8660f *dmb1999-05-26d1t02.shn
b123c80d82661d5f166d170211f985b0 *dmb1999-05-26d1t03.shn
d37abe6fb1b3ccbf8364b51ec6a016c1 *dmb1999-05-26d1t04.shn
f3e254c628e8765432132a4e09d13131 *dmb1999-05-26d1t05.shn
a8b018c2e97c09f82fd53930f02e2fb9 *dmb1999-05-26d1t06.shn
f813c14035ad8ad297be903684e98629 *dmb1999-05-26d1t07.shn
2e1f44e1501a4e501ae5182ac509b5c2 *dmb1999-05-26d1t08.shn
7d8129625c4b6b4a232eec2bcec7860c *dmb1999-05-26d1t09.shn
2d33c9131ae5b256f7f6343bd4a09b3e *dmb1999-05-26d1t10.shn
9a7ab9b1d84cfca2f285d165ca1b494c *dmb1999-05-26d2t01.shn
b114d014024ea1f33a9a9d38b4e03319 *dmb1999-05-26d2t02.shn
f813014a8e7d636c53abc470d73027a4 *dmb1999-05-26d2t03.shn
2b1a9b012c6bb161c78b024b8b439724 *dmb1999-05-26d2t05.shn
dd8246f89bee297533ffc186c9e0664e *dmb1999-05-26d2t04.shn
f0543dd85c8b4bef3cc5e1808d3b8de9 *dmb1999-05-26d2t06.shn
7c036d0dcfed9d24f4e8a50d8d3da0f1 *dmb1999-05-26d2t07.shn
dfbbaa0a7e84591b86e333ecea0647da *dmb1999-05-26d2t08.shn
9fbf28c1be82fce0110d66e5a69bf404 *dmb1999-05-26d2t09.shn