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01-25-2016, 10:20 PM
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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
February 7, 1999
Weis Center
Lewisburg, PA

Taper: Ron Diaz
Source: Schoeps MKVs > Schoeps VMS > SBM-1 > HHB-PortaDat - 1st Row

Track | Name | Time |
d1t01 The Best Of What's Around 08:35.76
d1t02 Say Goodbye 06:58.66
d1t03 Crush 09:04.84
d1t04 Lie In Our Graves 07:44.66
d1t05 Stay 07:32.04
d1t06 Typical Situation 06:04.57
d1t07 The Stone (Can't Help Falling In Love) 10:51.33
d1t08 Two Step 12:10.30

Disc 1 Total: 1:08:58

d2t01 Bartender -> 03:35.88
d2t02 Don't Drink the Water (This Land Is Your Land) 07:01.14
d2t03 Open Up And Let It In (Tim Solo) 09:14.72
d2t04 Spoon 05:52.86
d2t05 Improv Jam -> Jimi Thing (You Shook Me) -> 08:44.65
d2t06 What Will Become of Me -> Pantala Naga Pampa 06:37.58
d2t07 #41 07:49.57
d2t08 Crash Into Me 06:47.53
d2t09 Proudest Monkey 08:13.86
d2t10 Granny 03:16.56
d2t11 Too Much 04:39.56

Disc 2 Total: 1:11:47

d3t01 Stream (Tim Solo) 07:36.85
d3t02 I'll Back You Up 05:52.29
d3t03 Dancing Nancies 08:19.92
d3t04 Pay For What You Get * 08:05.09
d3t05 The Maker 04:51.41
d3t06 If I Had a Boat 02:45.22
d3t07 All Along the Watchtower ** 06:21.42

Disc 3 Total: 43:56


* "If I were Crazy... " intro, Message In a Bottle, Norwegian Wood outro
** tape ran out for this rig, the last track, watchtower, is from AKG C1000s

0af300a318ca54e707149af38d0fe284 *d+t1999-02-07-d1t01.shn
fa39e5824f3ee043e2ad15875495faa4 *d+t1999-02-07-d1t02.shn
55e321b1604f0c5b41a30fdad7f66d7c *d+t1999-02-07-d1t03.shn
a2e81b3140bd5b1ee07d09c1d717c4ed *d+t1999-02-07-d1t04.shn
0d3a471ac0c9be6c07983ba25d1fedbf *d+t1999-02-07-d1t05.shn
2adc0742a93a2576b084537f3dc447bf *d+t1999-02-07-d1t06.shn
9a393aa63c00b459a09c18b0dd06685b *d+t1999-02-07-d1t08.shn
b24fb8ef909d5b4c7c5ee10755ab53cc *d+t1999-02-07-d1t07.shn
074524094b73bdd0757291ea30cd522d *d+t1999-02-07-d2t01.shn
28f428650ab6731c127348248d8a3294 *d+t1999-02-07-d2t02.shn
250108209189e2db3d0609a283cb7720 *d+t1999-02-07-d2t03.shn
6a490722d33b09775ba06482299c2ee5 *d+t1999-02-07-d2t04.shn
740e9865efcb6755ba1eccbf787454d5 *d+t1999-02-07-d2t05.shn
cbfa2a8ba7591e597c3206fd1ebda183 *d+t1999-02-07-d2t06.shn
11a12985fb6b502ba382e470af82f081 *d+t1999-02-07-d2t07.shn
3efa393252679e1b97469a8fb25eddbb *d+t1999-02-07-d2t08.shn
014ca87e6d22c86227bb1890d42adac6 *d+t1999-02-07-d2t09.shn
a50427e78836a91d2537d8840581efe2 *d+t1999-02-07-d2t10.shn
b5f3f8c40dc6fc5c9c6fcae3dae02bfe *d+t1999-02-07-d2t11.shn
11a61bc930f44fbad173bed06729889b *d+t1999-02-07-d3t01.shn
33f62fa5c4453bea33cc8a1319408c83 *d+t1999-02-07-d3t02.shn
e15e23fd094990d746cea335415c9ea4 *d+t1999-02-07-d3t03.shn
00518ec399283f11c7c215036ea6d892 *d+t1999-02-07-d3t04.shn
599c479cb01a5cc419fe864887ff2ba8 *d+t1999-02-07-d3t05.shn
a97638fc0e1d3cfc362c7e6690635156 *d+t1999-02-07-d3t06.shn
238483799cdc15943ef30a37a3b34adb *d+t1999-02-07-d3t07.shn<br><br>Need help downloading? Watch the video below:<br>
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