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Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds
February 28, 1999
Jesse Hall (University of Missouri)
Columbia, MO

Taper: Unknown
Source: Unknown Aud

***Original source listed as an unknown cd rip*** with no source

Reconversion: Shn> wav> Soundforge 8 for adjustments> Flac Frontend (Level 5)

************************************************** ************
****** DO NOT SELL OR DISTRIBUTE FOR PROFIT*******************
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Disc 1

01: Proudest Monkey >
02: Satellite
03: Crush
04: The Stone
05: Too Much
06: Jimi Thing > What Will Become of Me > Pantala Naga Pampa
07: Cry Freedom
08: The Best of What's Around
09: For the Beauty of Wynona

Disc 2

01: Lie in Our Graves
02: Bartender >
03: Don't Drink the Water
04: Hopeful Heresy &
05: Wild Horses +
06: Two Step
07: Say Goodbye

Disc 3

01: Tripping Billies
02: Spoon
03: Harvest > After the Gold Rush @ > Repeat the Question &
04: Christmas Song
05: If I Had a Boat %
06: Dancing Nancies


07: Digging a Ditch
08: I'll Back You Up
09: Crash Into Me

& Tim Solos
% Lyle Lovett cover
+ Rolling Stones cover
@ Neil Young cover

Notes: Reviewed the cdrip source previously released to fix errors and adjust levels and volume as needed. Adjusted right channel +1.25db to all tracks. Audience applause is loud on this source as with many Dave & Tim shows.

Additional notes: Slight dropout at 4:24 of Jimi, static noise from 3:11 to 3:14 and from 3:45 to 3:47 of LIOG, both unable to fix.

Errors fixed: Pop at 3:30 of Proudest Monkey,diginoise at 1:07 of Crush partially repaired, pop at 6:04 of Too Much, pops at 3:15 and 3:47 of LIOG, pop at 10:18 of Wild Horses, pops at 3:23 & 3:29 of Billies,and pops at 0:07 & 5:47 of Nancies where a dropout remains

Compiled by Tom Gambichler on September 15, 2009

d+t1999-02-28d1t01.remaster.flac:b991d8d01bac7347f57bb333f030 4c4f
d+t1999-02-28d1t02.remaster.flac:7d78d67fa8c04d32edca477d888a a8e8
d+t1999-02-28d1t03.remaster.flac:a6b23396e4733ad9cd86e67514e7 4a9f
d+t1999-02-28d1t04.remaster.flac:699e05669c71a9f351b4cca79e49 f6ae
d+t1999-02-28d1t05.remaster.flac:d752a6a5230bb6037de306941a3b c9d2
d+t1999-02-28d1t06.remaster.flac:01d982c0a2b03d451d4ed9a5275d 6993
d+t1999-02-28d1t07.remaster.flac:1dd18d712d723edf768d75518a6d f5f8
d+t1999-02-28d1t08.remaster.flac:e67d03415b8563b8d964e153c744 5bfa
d+t1999-02-28d1t09.remaster.flac:49b1c3dad6630c3c650bad3bde01 0e6d
d+t1999-02-28d2t01.remaster.flac:46aa271be501305618e2aa265898 fc94
d+t1999-02-28d2t02.remaster.flac:2aad1841d3fdf19829bc6751b0e4 a25e
d+t1999-02-28d2t03.remaster.flac:3039c1e05956feecc2af105a63ff 7d42
d+t1999-02-28d2t04.remaster.flac:112ca338c0101093dec15671d102 728b
d+t1999-02-28d2t05.remaster.flac:d0cf897211fd0426ea0ec0af593b 7e77
d+t1999-02-28d2t06.remaster.flac:561f5a5576d4cef18c1c0bb15584 2851
d+t1999-02-28d2t07.remaster.flac:13221c62ffb3ef1e55f4481f91e0 9157
d+t1999-02-28d3t01.remaster.flac:1108771402d0905a5ae592bafc7b 8aea
d+t1999-02-28d3t02.remaster.flac:ab6aa6b7bb545772a4ed147f311e 16ff
d+t1999-02-28d3t03.remaster.flac:f1b5a45df4229fbe831b3e59b007 e9b5
d+t1999-02-28d3t04.remaster.flac:d46fb3d2ad7e183a6e0c612b0a44 2e30
d+t1999-02-28d3t05.remaster.flac:14bc0c900e92e1dc2d306b3476e8 53cf
d+t1999-02-28d3t06.remaster.flac:e4c9e3228fe42cc9f0fc331deeba 20df
d+t1999-02-28d3t07.remaster.flac:c42584aa164082eb25c2ea898c8d 5345
d+t1999-02-28d3t08.remaster.flac:cdcc564a8e298be1d25c8834ab37 691a
d+t1999-02-28d3t09.remaster.flac:7a764ea642f5c22fc52d295620a8 3923<br><br>Need help downloading? Watch the video below:<br>
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