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Dave Matthews Band
August 16th, 2005
Sleep Train Amphitheatre-Marysville,CA

Source: Schoeps MK4s on DINa bar > KC5 > CMC6XT > SD722 @ 24bit/96khz
Location: Section 1 row 4 seats 25/26 (15 feet directly in front or Leroi), stand at 7'
Conversion: wav > Soundforge 7.0b (+2dB Waves L2/tracking/resample) > WaveLab 5.0 (UV22-HR dither to 16 bit)

Disc 1:
01. Intro 04:08.67
02. American Baby 05:19.20
03. Granny 06:02.19
04. Dream Girl 09:49.28
05. What Would You Say 07:19.16
06. Rhyme & Reason 06:54.58
07. Louisiana Bayou 09:23.23
08. Crash Into Me 06:51.03
09. Lie In Our Graves 15:57.67

Total: 71:46.01

Disc 2:
01. Smooth Rider 08:13.71
02. Too Much 06:06.61
03. Hunger For The Great Light 04:54.35
04. Warehouse 11:05.40
05. Steady As We Go 06:03.33
06. PNP>Rapunzel 18:02.56
07. Old Dirt Hill 07:48.48
08. Tripping Billies 06:08.26

Total: 68:23.70

Notes: There were no speakers directly in front of me and with these seats I was not about to move to get in front of any. What you hear in the right channel is one of 2 Meyer MSL-2A used as front fills located about 20 feet off to my right. The left channel is a bit of the right Meyer UM-1c, that is part of the pair they place at the stage lip in front of Dave to cover the first few rows. Most of what is heard in the left channel is coming directly off the stage. The bass is right off Stefan's amps and a lot of drum and cymbal sounds are coming right off Carter's kit. In my opinion this sounds a lot more interesting than the sterile "stack" tapes people are so fond of. Stand was low and there is crowd between and during some of the quieter parts, deal with it.

Compiled by alex@kabella.org on 8/18/2005

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