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02-07-2016, 02:53 PM
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Dave Matthews Band
September 12, 2005
Red Rocks Ampitheatre
Morrison, CO

Taper: Kazmo Kramer (Beantownyankee@gmail.com)
Source: SP-CMC-2A->batt box(bass roll off @ 95Hz)->JB3
Location: Row 16, Directly behind soundboard, Center

Conversion:Kazmo Kramer
Equipment: JB3>USB>WaveLab 5.0>CDWav 1.94.3>FLAC Frontend 1.7.1 (Level 6)

* Please do not distribute in any lossy *
* formats such as MP3 or WMA *

Disc 1

01 Intro
02 Recently*
03 Drive In Drive Out
04 Typical Situation
05 Everyday

Disc 2

01 Everybody Wake Up
02 Old Dirt Hill
03 Hunger For The Great Light
04 American Baby Intro
05 Dream Girl
06 Jimi Thing*

Disc 3

01 Exodus*!@$%
02 Louisiana Bayou*!@
03 Encore Break
04 Smooth Rider*
05 Too Much*


*Rashawn Ross of Soulive
!Robert Randolph
@David Cast
$Ivan Neville
%Bob Marley Cover

Thanks to Tom for the kickass seats (even though I didn't tape from there)
and thanks to James and Nicole for lodging and the ride. Thanks to Jon Ice
for watching the gear during the show.

dmb2005-09-12.cmc2ad1t01.flac:9bf357dce9a662e42a83546f738be4e 2
dmb2005-09-12.cmc2ad1t02.flac:08bfffdfd175734c1d9979cd37c0399 2
dmb2005-09-12.cmc2ad1t03.flac:e85cc51f2b3f76439000bc62f453a20 d
dmb2005-09-12.cmc2ad1t04.flac:c9983e7ff8e03139654c168367644f2 2
dmb2005-09-12.cmc2ad1t05.flac:ec9ef8ac265855f4303e80907f3e576 e
dmb2005-09-12.cmc2ad2t01.flac:2fedb4c5e75574af8d54ea3d677c937 d
dmb2005-09-12.cmc2ad2t02.flac:c011addbe8f8a914ec6b73228607758 b
dmb2005-09-12.cmc2ad2t03.flac:c00ea7d3267c8ea8db486db6a9d98a7 f
dmb2005-09-12.cmc2ad2t04.flac:ce7430f934d2dbcc13932d4643efeb2 8
dmb2005-09-12.cmc2ad2t05.flac:759dfeb280042875c3e6b8077f47d16 b
dmb2005-09-12.cmc2ad2t06.flac:24249125d70a8ae2013e823d6a5e4d8 d
dmb2005-09-12.cmc2ad3t01.flac:cf42fb92bdd304e10d754aafc52c934 4
dmb2005-09-12.cmc2ad3t02.flac:70855c0b466ff95f37640d798dec15e 0
dmb2005-09-12.cmc2ad3t03.flac:4f90530f5cbb05cd0e71135a6265640 f
dmb2005-09-12.cmc2ad3t04.flac:0b9a3425b2997fbc22f539043f007f7 1
dmb2005-09-12.cmc2ad3t05.flac:b0d43731656e45651612508fda46d21 0<br><br>Need help downloading? Watch the video below:<br>
<iframe width="320" height="240" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/c6RmcCRiOSk?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><br><br>
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