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02-22-2020, 09:23 AM
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Dave Matthews Band and Tim Reynolds
Saturday August 23, 2008
Cricket Wireless Pavilion, Phoenix, AZ

Recorded by Eric and Sarah Gardner, Section 303 Seats 13 & 14

Zoom H2, 120 degree (rear) mics (wav, 44.1 kB), low gain, recording level 115, with windsock > SanDisc > PC > CD Wave Editor (split tracks) > TLH (Align on Sector Boundaries checked, Encoding Level 6)

Notes: A very hot night and the passing of founding member and saxophonist LeRoi Moore on August 19, 2008 brought on a strong performance by the band. It rained a little and then the wind kicked up. I haven't noticed that either affected the recording too much (I heard one good thud that I suspect was a raindrop hitting the windsock, but I haven't listened to every second of it yet either). Clapping is minimal, but there were two women in the row right in front of me that talked constantly (it is apparent at times during the recording, but not terrible). They obviously were not big DMB fans; obvious by comments about "Let's hear some, like, good tunes like ????" and "He's from Australia, dude, I'm telling ya...". Oh well, I don't think it ruins the recording by any means. Kinda funny.

Set list:

Disc One:
1. Bartender*
2. You Might Die Trying*
3. Dancing Nancies*
4. #27*
5. Burning Down The House* (Talking Heads cover)
6. Sugar Will*
7. Corn Bread*+

Disc Two:
1. Money* (Pink Floyd cover)
2. So Damn Lucky*
3. #41*
4. Old Dirt Hill*
5. Jimi Thing*
6. So Much To Say*

Disc Three:
1. Anyone Seen The Bridge*
2. Too Much*
3. Stay (Wasting Time)*
4. Encore Break
5. Donít Drink the Water
6. Two Step*

*Jeff Coffin

+Danny Barnes on Banjo

; flac fingerprint file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on August 24, 2008, at 1:15 pm

d1t1 flac:b01ea90c219f34bf1e4e2d33bb4f8d02
d1t2 flac:b6d2a13c4b437512d3b44c0606fbd8be
d1t3 flac:254f9d1610158e4f470682845756e849
d1t4 flac:f98b48e98cc25e4a4ad60d5535c451d8
d1t5 flac:04d6108b2f8d8657c5c8a5f5ce22f1a4
d1t6 flac:750f44b083beaeee9d363b5d417b6808
d1t7 flac:9584b9bf43ab480d46a0f67c80d0bd74
d2t1 flac:913079227f5ea265c6b1ecc19d399dfa
d2t2 flac:112bbabedde380063d8da92708f2e7cf
d2t3 flac:38680e150db9912138dc0535cc5e93ba
d2t4 flac:eaf52e4f81dd35592f8489c8ca48e2c3
d2t5 flac:1f0aa7e594b11883f3bd80c722844da2
d2t6 flac:c6f53e42444ce0f6e6e46474c0ac6b01
d3t1 flac:ef96b0f6a9657f715a8a6b076f2fac2c
d3t2 flac:25497be54c675e5099e9abeefb362eee
d3t3 flac:a1218f44fa1f79edf56993df00392eb4
d3t4 flac:e1487a66025a1183db7d7405a73fcf51
d3t5 flac:73b82bf3ac1f735240c435a8649bb70a
d3t6 flac:5a0efcf06a0a2a1e1e222a673abdb60e<br><br>Need help downloading? Watch the video below:<br>
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