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02-22-2020, 10:34 AM
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Dave Matthews Band June 18, 1999
Polaris Ampitheatre, Columbus, Ohio

Taped by: Mike Vernal & Craig Willoughby

Source: earthworks sr-77 > audiomagic X-Stream XLR >
Lunatec V2 > audiomagic presto II RCA > DA-P1

WAV>SHN: Tom Bowie
Plextor 12/20 > EAC 0.81 @ 1x

Disc 1:
Track 01: Intro
Track 02: Don't Drink the Water
Track 03: The Stone (Can't Help Falling in Love)
Track 04: Too Much
Track 05: Proudest Monkey
Track 06: Satellite
Track 07: #41
Track 08: Help Myself
Track 09: Crash Into Me
Track 10: What Would You Say

Disc 2:
Track 01: Seek Up
Track 02: Pantala Naga Pampa >
Track 03: Rapunzel
Track 04: Pig
Track 05: Tripping Billies

Track 06: Stop Time Into > Ants Marching

Track 7: All Along the Watchtower &

* w/ Warren Haynes of Gov't Mule
& w/ Warren Haynes (guitar and vocal)

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77c06175cd9e3135f25f4c88fe6d5610 *dmb990618d1t04.shn
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dfeff87380844425fa4eb1db7684bc51 *dmb990618d1t02.shn
a131d8e6a0268c01591a823ff25cbe45 *dmb990618d1t07.shn
dc49020dd0d6442540fa12bc6d8e278f *dmb990618d1t10.shn
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0b8df9d0b6266e82fcf350c5be1f0774 *dmb990618d1t08.shn
d6997c1b781545324550ddecd92bb501 *dmb990618d1t09.shn
c24dfa924151c5fa981e9a4c1144055c *dmb990618d1t03.shn<br><br>Need help downloading? Watch the video below:<br>
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