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Matt 02-06-2016 02:26 PM

DMB2000-12-07.at853.shnf (Mike Sarnovsky)
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Dave Matthews Band
December 07, 2000
Gund Arena - Cleveland, OH

Taper: Mike Sarnovsky (
Source: Audio Technica AT853 Cardiods -> BRBox @ 67Hz ->
Zefiro InBox -> Sony POC-DA12P -> Sony TCD-D7

Setup: X-Y - 30 degree split

Location: Sec 3, Row J (10th row right)

Conversion: Mike Sarnovsky (
Equipment: TCD-D7 -> Sony POC-DA12P ->
Turtle Beach Montego II Digital I/O -> CD
Disc One:

01: Introduction
02: The Stone
03: Too Much
04: JTR
05: Crash Into Me
06: What Would You Say
07: #41
08: Bartender
09: True Reflections

Disc Two:

01: Two Step
02: Cortez The Killer
03: Jimi Thing
04: So Much To Say
05: All Along The Watchtower
06: Christmas Song
07: Pantala Naga Pampa ->
08: Rapunzel

Notes: Some low frequency noise consistent with people
either bumping the stand or dancing on the wooden
floor to which the stand was secured.

5ab1a09205aaf43b0d265cddb6fcabdb *dmb2000-12-07d1t05.shn
964f3b20415994c8833c1e42ca886290 *dmb2000-12-07d1t04.shn
091ecd29788ac30a6b24b398c6a78434 *dmb2000-12-07d1t09.shn
34df5ccface34ca92fec6c39aa5984ed *dmb2000-12-07d1t02.shn
49f67e0beddd764e0c921e7217121b72 *dmb2000-12-07d1t01.shn
d5a9e4a95092fd5fdbe8e5c727215e21 *dmb2000-12-07d1t08.shn
0dfbbfd6ee7963d958feffa15f7ee1f5 *dmb2000-12-07d1t07.shn
bf24d515048348e1d07dcf20d4fdd279 *dmb2000-12-07d1t06.shn
9e03a984e7476cdb2240b82b8fb2be64 *dmb2000-12-07d1t03.shn
363ebc85445b86f62139b7f16f07863a *dmb2000-12-07d2t08.shn
bf1de107810f69e4bf85ff5eaaffc355 *dmb2000-12-07d2t07.shn
a30e2d46e5ad2bf89846004f81650e71 *dmb2000-12-07d2t06.shn
76bc7a1da4f8e58e4fac33a5d62650de *dmb2000-12-07d2t05.shn
827a8558bd948b4b407773022489313d *dmb2000-12-07d2t04.shn
bbff18415e7719865a96d7af43d19fa6 *dmb2000-12-07d2t03.shn
a0cc6c6f07bd85ab91e00f835dfe18c6 *dmb2000-12-07d2t02.shn
d5989d021d61fb0d552e1d6dd1bc875c *dmb2000-12-07d2t01.shn<br><br>Need help downloading? Watch the video below:<br>
<iframe width="320" height="240" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><br><br>
Download here:

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