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D&T2015-01-16.akgck61.flac16 (Dean Wolfgang)
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Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds
January 16, 2015
Dave and Tim
Paramount Theatre
Oakland, CA

Taper: Dean Wolfgang
Location: First Balcony, Row F, Seat 127, mics DIN, stand @ 7 feet
Source: akgck61>Naiant AKG Actives>Naiant PFAa>Lunatec V3 (SPDIF)>R44 @24/48 kHz
Transfer: SD>MacBook>Audacity>xACT>uTorrent
Conversion: 24-bit/48kHz.wav>Audacity, track volume, tracks/label, fade in/out, resample and dither to 16/44.1 kHz

NOTE 1: During the encore I lost power to the preamp so I have patched in Taper vernal's version of tracks 25 and 26, Crash Into Me and All Along The Watchtower (Thanks Mike). Source: Neumann KM140s > Lunatec V2 > Sound Devices 744 (24/96) > ssrc (16/44.1), Location: Stage Right Lower Stack

************************************************** **********************
DO NOT SELL OR DISTRIBUTE FOR PROFIT ***********************************
************************************************** **********************

01: [Introduction]
02: So Damn Lucky (includes prelude)
03: Grace Is Gone
04: Satellite (off key intro)
05: Snow Outside
06: #41
07: Save Me
08: Rheginos and the Resurrection *
09: Out of My Hands
10: Stay or Leave
11: When the World Ends
12: Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back)
13: Too Much
14: Still Water >
15: Don't Drink the Water
16: Corn Bread
17: Hopeful Heresy *
18: Take Me to Tomorrow
19: Funny the Way It Is
20: What Would You Say
21: Oh
22: Crush
23: Two Step

24: [Encore Break]
25: Crash into Me
26: All Along the Watchtower

* - Tim Solo
> - Indicates a seque into next song

First time Too Much has been played by Dave & Tim since 2.4.06 and first time at a Dave & Tim show since 10.28.05.

Compiled by: Dean Wolfgang 2015-01-19

;shntool st5 checksums generated by xACT 2.35 on 2015-01-19 21:42:53 +0000

4184da7229cf3b6ba42c61e9e4b300cf [shntool] d+t2015-01-16t01.flac
4148f5a1fb599373acad1c9925ab26ef [shntool] d+t2015-01-16t02.flac
6dbfaae5b45f5a255bde0b39aad9604c [shntool] d+t2015-01-16t03.flac
094a01a803ff8620bb6368d8c4aecaab [shntool] d+t2015-01-16t04.flac
3e665bd416d520d5c227237855aa7209 [shntool] d+t2015-01-16t05.flac
3084e3fb9993bb5a6f78a2875ab5f9aa [shntool] d+t2015-01-16t06.flac
4034f14471bab20b3797b6884954358b [shntool] d+t2015-01-16t07.flac
8df2873711ecf60af3e95906a1acb334 [shntool] d+t2015-01-16t08.flac
fa57d96b68362f168480d11b2aa808b9 [shntool] d+t2015-01-16t09.flac
fe6cf382d7568c56773dcbccc1efda1b [shntool] d+t2015-01-16t10.flac
3c2db41d8d7091c656534202c16e9756 [shntool] d+t2015-01-16t11.flac
72d34f7cbb5f2f65a80e9ec744aef07c [shntool] d+t2015-01-16t12.flac
a93ef3f21eb87a9651b78ec5f6ba19e0 [shntool] d+t2015-01-16t13.flac
8578ab08094a98134e73b935a8d65b97 [shntool] d+t2015-01-16t14.flac
27ac434698f8c0580c8811737764c73b [shntool] d+t2015-01-16t15.flac
2d0aff6844c04c14fb34a1560bf8c002 [shntool] d+t2015-01-16t16.flac
00bb036f28f2638852e3405efd3f4e90 [shntool] d+t2015-01-16t17.flac
c9f0dce904153462e114bab5eac2a486 [shntool] d+t2015-01-16t18.flac
de46729dc30ad8487f08b23af83d37eb [shntool] d+t2015-01-16t19.flac
71ea30d33926be113b5bb314deea30f7 [shntool] d+t2015-01-16t20.flac
fca04b7e2832aa7b5121515a6ba2c3b7 [shntool] d+t2015-01-16t21.flac
cc86cdf14b6eedd8607e43e41dfdb008 [shntool] d+t2015-01-16t22.flac
8fb3564742034f840eb37ca7c8691a98 [shntool] d+t2015-01-16t23.flac
277b5f657f1579d9ee095417204a6880 [shntool] d+t2015-01-16t24.flac
85444657060f161af9cd01eaa641292e [shntool] d+t2015-01-16t25.flac
c78379a8f1c8eb729be7bc77818cb6d2 [shntool] d+t2015-01-16t26.flac<br><br>Need help downloading? Watch the video below:<br>
<iframe width="320" height="240" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><br><br>
Download here:

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