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Matt 02-07-2016 02:29 PM

DMB2005-06-01.akg483.flac16 (Crumbo)
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Dave Matthews Band
UMB Bank Pavilion
Maryland Heights, MO
June 1, 2005

Taper: Crumbo
Location: Left Section Row B Seats 1 and 2
Source: AKG 480/ck63 (A-B, ~16')>Opti-Mod V3>JB3
Conversion: JB3>Firewire>WaveLab 5.0>CDWav 1.94.3>FLAC Frontend 1.7.1 (Level 6)


Disc 1: 43:07.40

01. Intro
02. Best of What's Around>
03. The Stone
04. Dream Girl
05. Hello Again
06. American Baby

Disc 2: 55:29.66

01. Too Much
02. Louisiana Bayou
03. What Would You Say
04. Time Of The Season
05. Die Trying
06. Everyday
07. Stand Up

Disc 3: 57:59.21

01. Where Are You Going
02. Hunger For The Great Light
03. Two Step
04. Steady As We Go
05. Intro to...>
06. All Along The Watchtower


Thanks to Chris for the tix, thanks to Andrew for switching seats and thanks to Brian for all the help.

dmb2005-06-01.akg483.v3.d1t01.flac:e9bd18e8f4162a4028ddf51d45 253bea
dmb2005-06-01.akg483.v3.d1t02.flac:951aebe24932bb94dbd3436f02 c6b232
dmb2005-06-01.akg483.v3.d1t03.flac:d516b4e2c2fd2d49e03fbf2923 58914c
dmb2005-06-01.akg483.v3.d1t04.flac:e07e007c4f1893d39a329d03fb f273de
dmb2005-06-01.akg483.v3.d1t05.flac:63835639d623fed6185ad0d4cc f04131
dmb2005-06-01.akg483.v3.d1t06.flac:4ac0d956f514c7c3597f196bd2 9a0919
dmb2005-06-01.akg483.v3.d2t01.flac:ef32493114c0e4a28f6387d38c 76c5bb
dmb2005-06-01.akg483.v3.d2t02.flac:f96560c2af3bb03a199174571e f853e8
dmb2005-06-01.akg483.v3.d2t03.flac:b6ee5ced3b76e7961a64444f3e 414e4d
dmb2005-06-01.akg483.v3.d2t04.flac:8121fa59f133d189cd0429a197 f48764
dmb2005-06-01.akg483.v3.d2t05.flac:0f3112e3c80b4d04823058c1b5 28b412
dmb2005-06-01.akg483.v3.d2t06.flac:958253554517542b9df0980a7e 7b45c9
dmb2005-06-01.akg483.v3.d2t07.flac:0fab81859c36c202f555b2c7fe 224152
dmb2005-06-01.akg483.v3.d3t01.flac:82a4c5e6c46dc382ec0d6a243e 0aa50f
dmb2005-06-01.akg483.v3.d3t02.flac:d497f3f9d696b14acb09a1aaf8 c5d2ca
dmb2005-06-01.akg483.v3.d3t03.flac:a2a2567a12c801bc96bb6df7e3 4ea5af
dmb2005-06-01.akg483.v3.d3t04.flac:c5aa7c017aaa4f3e642ae48d5a 7f2ffe
dmb2005-06-01.akg483.v3.d3t05.flac:820da33efb04a91ca6ce3d7194 45e532
dmb2005-06-01.akg483.v3.d3t06.flac:60e8dd01a7475040430b36e2fb 2cd32b<br><br>Need help downloading? Watch the video below:<br>
<iframe width="320" height="240" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><br><br>
Download here:

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