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fast_gti 04-18-2020 09:26 AM

DMB1995-01-27.aud.flac16 (Danny)
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Dave Matthews Band
Leede Arena
Hanover, NH

Taper - Daniel Gans
Source - AUD
Location - Light riser
Conversion - W Clark
Raw FLAC > Audacity > xACT

#36 (fades in)
Ants Marching
One Sweet World
Dancing Nancies
Rhyme & Reason
Jimi Thing
Say Goodbye
Tripping Billies
All Along The Watchtower

Notes - Thanks to Copperpot and the taper for digging this old gem out after all these yrs.
Support artists and venues that allow taping and trading.

Original mailinglist post from Danny (the taper):
From: Daniel.S.Gans@Dartmouth.EDU (Daniel S. Gans)
Subject: Dartmouth 1/27, taping policy, ...

hey all, it's been a while since i last posted but just wanted to drop a line
about last night's show. setlist first:
# 36>
one sweet world (no intro)
jimi thing
say goodbye
tripping billies
no encore total show was 1:20

anyway, i had the opportunity to talk with some of the guys and get some shady answers on the taping policy. the policy at dartmouth was no taping at all, so i had to sneak my deck in hoping for a patch. earlier in the day i talked to dave (who seemed a bit hungover from his night at trey's house...he said that he and leroi got drunk and started staggering around to imitate just how drunk they got)
anyway, he said that as of jan. 1 they stopped giving out soundboard patches because it was just getting too big and too much of a hassle for jeff...he said it had nothing to do with rca and that he wanted to just somehow encourage tapers to help them out and bring their mics...however he said that
occasionally jeff would still give out patches...he mentioned that he wanted to get on the "minarets net" to spread the word...
anyway, after bht+m (who played an aweful set), fenton came out and i asked if i could get a patch...he said that i'd have to talk to jeff but that because of RCA they were no longer allowed to...he said that mics were cool and i explained that i wasn't allowed in with them...he was eager to help out, and gave me his all access patch to get the mics in and let me set up on the lighting riser...tape came out as well as one would expect from such a shitty room...after the show, i talked to jeff and he gave a third reason why the privalege is no longer...he said dthat it had nothing to do with hassle or the record company, but that it was big head todd's paranoia...he said that he was still taping personally and that those tapes would occationally be released...he said that the burlington show is already out...anybody got it? whatever the reason, it sucks that we can't plug out anymore...this is a band
that just doesn't come off as well on an audience least it seems possible that the gift will come back in the future...
oh yeah, one of the funniest boyd momments took place last night...right when he dug into his solo in jimi thing (great version), he leaned back and fell on his ass knocking over some of his equipment on the way down...he continued to play on his back while dave laughed and pointed at him...
fenton said that new stuff was in the works and was being worked out in soundchecks...
never seen so many people crowd surf in my life...

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