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Re: Extra Tracks?

Originally Posted by Robio View Post
I agree. Would absolutely love to have these. With these, along with Little Red Bird, they would have had enough extra tracks for a double album.

just because they could have made a double album doesn't mean it would have been good. Sister, Blackjack, and Break For It would not have been any good. Sister is just a bland song, and the other two are nowhere near finished enough to be released. also, Shotgun would have been disappointing as well because of how the band has acted in the studio recently.

look at how Cornbread came out. it was basically a live version played in the studio. there was no effort put in to making it a "finished" song. it was just this is what the song is. Dave didn't even bother finishing to write the lyrics. Shotgun would have been the wail-fest it has been the last couple years because Dave wouldn't have bothered to go back and finish lyrics for it like it had in 2006.

who knows how SUAD would have come out. probably not how anybody would want a studio version. and IOY would have been the lesser, new version rather than the really good original version from 2006. once again, Dave wouldn't have bothered to write lyrics for either of those. if its a choice between releasing songs just to say they are released or not having them in hopes of one day they get the attention they deserve, i'd rather wait.
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