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Re: The Gorge 2012

Originally Posted by BigEyed_Fish54 View Post
I would love this years last act on the main stage before DMB to open the shows next year, John Butler Trio on Friday, The Roots on Saturday and Dispatch on Sunday. I'd call that a successful weekend!
Wow Jason, I like your thinking!!!

Originally Posted by patthebear View Post
I'm finally doing it this year. I will most likely be going solo and coming from NY. I will be in search of some Ant buddies.
Dude, as long as you bring the SPKs we got space for you. Worry not!! Just start saving your pennies!

Originally Posted by jordanbball17 View Post
The only reason I loved the Caravan setup so much was the opportunity for front-row through the GA...yes, it was crazy, and yes, I sat in line or sat at the front for more time than I actually watched music, but it was worth it to see the band from 10 feet away. What would really be awesome is if it's just DMB next year, but they still do a little GA section at the would be super hard to get tickets though...oh what am I saying, I'll be there no matter what
HAHA, yea what were you saying?!
"Turns out not where but who you're with that really matters..."
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