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Re: **Deer Creek 2012**

Originally Posted by twostep03 View Post
I'm curious to see how big of a lead Sean is gonna have in posts in this thread. I know kevin was uncatchable in the 2010 thread but once the tour was over, I think sean pretty much dominated that thread in post count
Originally Posted by jhinds76 View Post
Most definitely. 'Rozzenstein was prolly in 2nd.
sean will prolly take the post count lead without a doubt, unless i get a new phone that has the interwebz access to ants.

then its game on
Originally Posted by Jsc6545 View Post
nothing like getting a blowy while posting on ants
Originally Posted by sean52692 View Post
Rozz, you are always partying, even when you're not
Originally Posted by btpeters View Post
We all go a little Rozz sometimes
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