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Re: *^*^* Alpine 2012 *^*^*

Originally Posted by justink View Post

4.3 miles and 10 minutes to the venue. winner!
Just a few things to be mindful of when staying at the Country Inn right there in East Troy:

- They know they're one of the closest hotels to the venue... so they'll jack up their rates about 4x their normal rate (which is to be expected). As soon as you hear solid date rumors, be sure to book your rooms. You can always cancel.
- Also, be sure to put the max amount of people down at the time you make the reservation. Like if the room can hold 6 people, make sure you put down 6 people even if you don't plan to have that many. Once the show is officially announced, they'll charge an additional $20 per person/per night on top of the already exorbitant rate, if you haven't already made your reservation. We didn't know this and only booked for two. When we showed up with two more people, they wanted the cash at check-in.
- Everyone staying at the hotel is given a wrist band when they check in so that only the people with official reservations can enter at any point. They hire security for the duration of the weekend and they'll check wristbands each time you enter the hotel/and or parking lot. I don't know for sure, but I think they require your entire party to be present at check-in to receive the wristbands. My whole group was there, so I don't know if that's the case, but I saw a lot of people sitting around the lobby waiting... so I got the impression that they make everyone show IDs and get wristbands at the initial check-in.
- I'm pretty sure parking was included with the room... but for some reason I have a feeling they might have charged for that as well. I know you get a parking pass at check-in, and will not allow any vehicles in the lot without one.
- They also make you put a $200 security deposit down at check-in, in case there is any damage to the rooms or if additional cleaning is needed (post party clean-up). They also make you sign a contract that includes something about excessive noise, etc.

That was just my experience. I used points to make the reservation way in advance of show announcement, and even then the point rate was jacked way up. They will not allow the use of points once the show is announced, but will honor any previously made reservations.

Regardless, it was stupid expensive and crazy strict. I'm not out of control partyer, but the whole thing made me paranoid. I don't ever plan to stay there again, even if it is close. That's just my take on it....
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