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Re: ***Official Jones Beach (Wantagh, NY) 2012***

Originally Posted by spoot388 View Post
n1 in 09 was awful because of the rain. i didn't think my seats were going to be too great, but they ended up being some of the best in the venue. there were like 6 rows covered by the upper deck, the only seat seats in the entire venue that are covered, and thats where mine were. we were already wet from having to run through the lot, but we didn't have to stand in it like everybody else did all night.
Ya i know what you mean. I was above that in the top deck. It was fun of course because it was a dmb concert, but it was probably the least fun i've ever had at a show. My tailgate party turned into us sitting in the car drinking while the rain pounded down.

The band clearly wasn't into it that night either. I think it's the only show i've ever been to that I didn't take the time to listen to the tape.

That said, I heard awesome things about night 2 in '09, so lets pray for sunshine.
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