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Re: **Deer Creek 2013**

Hope everyone is doing well. I am slightly embarrassed that I have not been online on a loooong time. I went through all my messages and I apologize for the delay in responding to those as well.

As we are 4 weeks away from the shows I wanted to pass along the venue information.

Parking will open at 4pm

Gates Will open at 6pm

7pm show time

Legacy lot-- This has moved back to its original location in the lot closest to the ticket gates

Tailgating- is permitted with a few "rules" No full out parties. We want everyone to ahve a good time and if you choose to grill out and have a few beers, as long as you are 21 years old, we are ok with. Corn hole is ok, but kegs and furniture are not. At 7pm we will ask that everyone start making their way into the venue. This will apply for all shows at KMC. At the ticketed show time we will ask that everyone make their way into the venue.

Camping- Yes we are camping and it is exactly like it was last year. Campground opens at noon on Thursday 6/20 and will close at 10am on Sunday 6/23. I advise that if you want to camp you purchase your passes online at spots are going fast and we anticipate the campground selling out soon.
The price for camping is $80 per car no matter what day you arrive. Remember that we charge per car so the more in your car, the cheaper it is.

I hope that this covers everything. I will make a point to be online at least once a day up until the day of the show.

If you have any questions please let me know!

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