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Re: 2018 Tour Rumors

Originally Posted by willndmb View Post
Yeah you can move dmb in Mexico to debunked for sure
Although it wouldn't shock me to see a few d&t west coast shows in feb/march, I highly doubt it. If anything you would have seen the, fall/winter imo
I'll move Mexico to debunked. But there's still chatter about Dreaming Tree in January so I'm going to leave that one.

Updated: 17 July 2017

DMB 2018 Tour Rumors
All rumors are compiled into this list. List will be updated and reposted in thread as new rumors are mentioned. If a rumor seems "unlikely", it still remains in the list until it is debunked by a scheduling conflict or the announcement of the official dates which confirms all rumors. If you click the user name link next to "Source", it will take you to the original post in which that user shared the rumor/information.

2018 Tour Rumors - Broad/Vague Rumors
* Tour starts in Mexico (Source: dmbdrmr321, aircavmike)
* Mexico 2018 will be full band (Source: axelrod, aircavmike)

2018 Tour Rumors

No Date Specified 2018

January 2018
(D&T) - January 2018 - Two Nights/Dreaming Tree Event/No Venue Known (“Out West”) (Source: aircavmike)

2018 Confirmed/Official Dates/Misc

January 2018
(D&T) - January 12th-14th - Riviera Maya (Mexico) (Source: Announced Officially)

2017 Debunked/Removed Dates[/QUOTE]

(DMB) - February 2018 - No Venue Known (Mexico) (Source: aircavmike)
Twitter l YouTube l Current Rumors Post (1/16/18)

2018 - Woodlands, Dallas, Arkansas, Deer Creek X2
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