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Re: 2018 Tour Rumors

Originally Posted by drop2d View Post
I canít wait to see this band play 6 shows in 5 days in 5 different cities.

Dizzy, you should start putting a confidence % or something on each date based on who is providing the rumored info
Originally Posted by drop2d View Post
I donít know... Iíve seen dizzy dazzle with some stats in the past. Iíd be willing to bet heís got all of this shit in a database just ready to spit out reports!
You know, it's not impossible to do this

Originally Posted by aircavmike View Post
Where's the 2019 thread?
Cause DMB will be very busy next year....
I thought about making one, because I've already been getting stuff about 2019. But the mods usually lock it, they usually don't let me make the next one until the current tour is finished.

I've already heard Arkansas is going to get another show in 2019, so I'm quite happy about that.
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