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Re: 2019 Tour Rumors

Updated: 22 January 2019

22 January 2019 Updates:
- Took out summer rumors
- Added SoCal rumor from Stefan

DMB 2019 Tour Rumors
All rumors are compiled into this list. List will be updated and reposted in thread as new rumors are mentioned. If a rumor seems "unlikely", it still remains in the list until it is debunked by a scheduling conflict or the announcement of the official dates which confirms all rumors. If you click the user name link next to "Source", it will take you to the original post in which that user shared the rumor/information.

2019 Tour Rumors

2019 Broad/Vague Rumors
- "Dave or DMB will headline Lockn Festival next year. (2019)" (via PhantasyTour)
- "DMB possibly playing Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis May 3rd-5th" (via Inforoo)
- Southern California dates are coming, Stefan says “Don’t worry” (via Stefan Lessard Twitter)

2019 Announcement/On-sale Rumors

No Date Specified 2019

2019 Confirmed/Official Dates/Misc

2019 Debunked/Removed Dates

2019 Retracted Rumors

NOTE: When booking hotels due to dates on the rumors list, make sure to book refundable rooms. Any dates given on this list are not a guarantee and it should be treated as such. They are simply rumors. While there is nothing wrong with planning ahead, booking refundable rooms ensures you don't lose money if a rumored date doesn't pan out.
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