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Re: New Album Coming Soon?

2021 New Album Potential Tracks - MP3 Rip Downloads
I'm keeping a separate folder going of new songs played in 2021 that could be potential new album tracks. In this folder I've just been keeping the SiriusXM rips for quality purposes.
Link to folder

Singing From The Windows
7/23/21 Raleigh
8/13/21 Deer Creek
8/19/21 Amagansett (Dave Solo)
9/3/21 Gorge N1 (Dave Solo)

The Ocean and the Butterfly
7/23/21 Raleigh
8/6/21 Chicago
8/19/21 Amangansett (Dave Solo)

The Only Thing
8/13/21 Deer Creek

Walk Around The Moon
7/23/21 Raleigh
7/30/21 WPB
8/20/21 Mansfield
9/10/21 Irvine N1
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