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Re: 2021 Downloads Thread: Tour Audio/Highlights/Warm-Up Files

2021 Tour Audio Highlights - Full Shows, Song Highlights, YouTube Tour Warm Up Rips
To help people out who don't like messing with torrents/downloading YouTube files, the past few years I’ve done a compilation of some of the standouts and most discussed songs (good and bad) so people could listen to them. And, to keep the highlights from a tour in one list. I'm keeping all my rips/downloads in this one thread so it's easier for me to keep up with.

As always - thank you to the tapers and those here on Ants who rip audio and do the tapes, a big thank you to them for all they do for the DMB community. Below the full song list there are also links to each show where these songs were pulled from and additional taper credit.[/b] Requested songs are kept separate from the Tour Highlights list. In the case of new songs, as they are requested all the time, the debut version and the most recent requested version is kept in the Tour Highlights category, as well as any “special” versions (Dave solo, D&T, etc). Any other version is moved to requested songs.

Updated 11 Sep 2021
Added Gorge N1 Full Show (9/3/2021)
Added Irvine N1 Full Show (9/10/2021)
Added YouTube Rip: You Might Die Trying (7/2/19 - SPAC)
Added YouTube Rip: Can't Stop (7/1/18 - Summerfest)

Quick Links
2021 Highlights Album Art
2021 Highlights Master Directory
2021 Summer Warm Up Master Folder
2021 Summer Warm Up Album Art File
New 2021 Songs Folder

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