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Re: I Heart Krystal

Originally Posted by NewEnglandCutie View Post
The whole trust thing is important. I have a hard time trusting him. I know he has cheated on me, and I have cheated on him, but I love him and I know he loves me. Sex is sex right? Thats probably the hardest part about long distance, having someone, but being very alone. It fucks with your head.

Like right now, I am mad at him. I talked to him yesterday around 5pm. I called him around 8:30 to remind him The Office was on. He didnt pick up. So I texted him, no response. He always calls to say goodnight and he usually calls to wake me up in the morning. But I havent heard anything since 5. So now I think he was with another girl because he cant even make a quick phone call. So now Im mad and upset. He knows it makes me mad when he ignores me, cuz its not like I can just go and see him...I depend on his phone calls!!!....ARRRRRg sorry I had to vent...
Ooooh the cheating thing....that's tough. I would personally never cheat, but if it's understood with you guys that it happened, and its "just" sex, then whatevs.

And okay, this is my take on boys/guys/men. They are seriously retarded. I mean, there are many guys who can hide it and come off as only semi-retarded, but deep inside, they are massive idiots. Most guys think, or rather, have this thought that it's true, that if they ignore something, it will "just go away". Oh shit, I didn't call my girlfriend and totally ignored her, if I just don't talk to her for a while, she'll forget all about it and nothing will be wrong. Okay, when was the last time you met a chick who didn't like to bitch and moan and scream and who didn't remember every single detail of their life. Hell, I remember something an ex did to me on a random day, and I can even tell people what he was wearing. This little part of their brain that controls logic in terms of relationship conduct is shut off and does not exist. And no matter how many times they do it, they STILL think that ignoring it = goes away.

Seriously, total retards.

Please advise, thanks!
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Calm down, 12.
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