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Re: Cheating

My boyfriend and I both cheated on each other. We were doing the long distance thing for a year, and were only with each other for about 6 months before he went back home. So we werent really sure what was going to happen to our relationship.
When he came back, we moved in with each other. Some fights occured and everything came out on the table. I told him everything that happened with me and he told me everything he did. We both realized after we cheated, we only wanted each other- no one else made us feel the same way. Now we are happier with each other, odly. And plan on getting married soon. He is the love of my life.
Do I regret it? I absolutly do, but we were both alone for sooo long. Both of our friends were trying to set us up with people, and everyone told me to keep my eyes open. Everyone told us we were too young to be alone and be in such a stressful relationship, and we both on occasion agreed with everyone.

We love each other more than anything, and everyone now says how we are meant to be with each other forever.
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