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Re: Boston

Originally Posted by dmbgodagirl41 View Post
seriously! Why is it that every asshole in boston thinks that anyone west of, say, Sudbury, thinks it's the sticks? Like I said, I have friends that live on the cape and they are 2x farther away from Boston than me (time-wise, that is), and yet they live in civilization and I don't.

It also annoys me just as much when someone from Lincoln claims they are a "country person". Shut up, you live 20 minutes outside of boston. Posers.

I miss Worcester, too

Worcester sucks ass. I am sick of the homeless people. I am sick of the crack whores and their skank asses at Price Chopper. Fun for college kids, but once I have this baby I'm soooo out of here! We are probably gonna move to Mississippi!
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