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Re: Favorite beer of choice?

Originally Posted by dmbgodagirl41 View Post
I used to like stella. Until I was a moron and used it for the century club, thus causing me to pull the trigger, making me hate it forever.

21 year olds are stupid.
Why the crap would you go do a thing like that? Maybe you and Stella can be friends again someday.
Originally Posted by zajDmB1 View Post
Look for beers that are brewed by monks. They are (usually) great and over 10% alchy, so you get the best of both worlds haha.
I didn't know monks were regarded as brewmasters Learn something new everyday...

I love the flavor of Stella out of the tap, but seriously. 2 beers in and I think a shot was slipped in there somewhere. Strong stuff (ot I'm just a total f-ing lightweight)
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