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Re: Favorite beer of choice?

Originally Posted by Heavy As Stone View Post
To each his own. I just honestly don't understand how, when presented with an option, people would ever, EVER choose any macro American light beer. They flat out do not taste good. Coors Light was my first taste of beer ever and it took a looong freakin time before I ever tried another beer. And that beer was Heine.

My wife and I were at a fancy restaurant a few weeks ago with another couple and it came time to order drinks. My buddy and I ordered imports off of their menu (only a buck more than the domestics!), and his wife ordered a bud light. I just don't get it.

...unless you are doing a power hour. In that case, light american swill piss beer is the best/only option.
Oh, I never order Coors Light in a restaurant/bar usually.

Like I said it's my go-to beer if I don't have a lot of money or am just heading to a friends house for a joyful evening of drinking. It's not a beer I keep around the house or order with dinner.
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