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Re: AutoTune

it does worry me a bit, actually. I still like Cavallo as a choice for producer, and i don't personally believe that he ever used it in his work with Green Day, but the Fleetwood Mac record that he did sounded way too clean, and The Black Parade is probably questionable (could go either way based on the times i listened to it).

In the end it's all up to the integrity of the band, specifically Dave (as the vocalist). I can't believe that Cavallo would apply that kind of filter/program to the tracks without consulting Dave first, so if there's any autotune then the onus would lie entirely on Dave for that decision.

Also, i'm sure that this would hardly be the first time that Dave and the boys would be confronted with that choice. I have no doubt that Baston (and probably other producers that they've worked with post-Lillywhite) have used it in the past, or are at least quite familiar with it, and i'm sure that it's been an option before now in that repect. If you can make one of the best drummers in the world sound like a fucking drum machine, then you are certainly knee deep in that kind of filtering/digital editing technology. So i guess one relevant question would be, was it used on Stand Up at all (in your opinion)?
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