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Originally Posted by mattinbeloit View Post
Well, you have to understand that AutoTune is not always a bad thing. There are too many cases out there (Britney Spears) where it is overused and sounds fake, but other times it can be used simply to fix one little phrase.

Let's say Dave is going through a vocal take and really nails it and thought it was the best take he did, but unfortunately he was a little flat in one spot and the part is too complex to punch in and punch out on. Rather then scrap a great take, AutoTune can be used to fix that one spot/ phrase.

So will Cavallo use AutoTune on the album? Ya, probably. The majority of music coming out these days has been at least touched by autotune. Is Cavallo going to saturate Dave's vocals with it? No.

The term autotune is typically used in reference to the auto program that is used to tune voices and it is also typically used to BE noticed in songs, at least in these times, it wasn't developed as that but thats how its used. You can tune voices/instruments without using actual autotune. For example if Dave did hit one note they would go in specifically and fix that not use autotune. Just thought i would throw that out there. So i highly extremely doubt they'll use autotune as in the electronic voice effect like T.I. is doing a lot now but like you said most likely will adjust the pitch of Dave's voice sometime on the cd.
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