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Originally Posted by tparker View Post
The term autotune is typically used in reference to the auto program that is used to tune voices and it is also typically used to BE noticed in songs, at least in these times, it wasn't developed as that but thats how its used. You can tune voices/instruments without using actual autotune. For example if Dave did hit one note they would go in specifically and fix that not use autotune. Just thought i would throw that out there. So i highly extremely doubt they'll use autotune as in the electronic voice effect like T.I. is doing a lot now but like you said most likely will adjust the pitch of Dave's voice sometime on the cd.
There is a lot of instances where autotune is used to hide the fact that many people can't sing as perfect as you need to sound on a record, and much of this stays hidden from wide knowledge. T-Pain, Kanye, etc, use extreme settings with autotune to purposely hear it, but it used for much more than that. I'm sure someone like Dave has the self-respect to want to be able to hit the notes himself, and we all know he has the ability to, so I'm sure DMB uses punch-ins/alternate takes more than anything.
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