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Re: AutoTune

Originally Posted by mattinbeloit View Post
Well ya, people like TI and Kanye over use it as an effect. But I have used autotune to fix certain small mess ups. A lot of times singers get ready to hold a long note and when they start out they are a little flat but work up to pitch. I'll throw it on just to bring it up to pitch, more times I've used it when people start out sharp and work down to pitch. It's not always a big deal when people work up to pitch, but when they start sharp and go down, not kosher.

But many times autotune is great when used in a very slight manner. If you've recorded before you understand the concept of bussing, but for everyone else I'll explain a little bit. Take for instance a recording where you have background vocals holding a note to support the main singer. In the mix, those tracks are generally mixed lower and sometimes are hardly there. If you have 5 people singing that background part, you can "buss" all five vocal parts into 1 mono or a stereo track and edit them as a whole. When I've mixed background singers, many times I've thrown auto tune on them because it glues everything together and helps them punch through a busy mix. Again, they are background vocals so it's not a very loud part but it makes them sound better in a supporting way.

Having said that, I really do hate autotune when used on main vocals to the point where it sounds fake (And is not being used for artistic purposes) and too perfect. I like little imperfections in vocals because it's realer to me. Also, if I have the option to use autotune to fix a little part vs. having the artist try the take again, I will always try to make them do the take again. So like I said before, autotune will probably be used on the record, but I doubt it will be saturating Daves vocals...
that's all very interesting. Thanks for sharing your experiences : )
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