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Re: *Big Whiskey Listening Parties Around the Country*

Originally Posted by symbian View Post
I think the best thing would be to create an "ants" one, and let there be a contest or drawing for the ticks and meet and greet... I see some frats that have like 400 people signed up, we should make sure that not just some half assed fan wins this...
here is my answer from the other thread. two parts:

part 1: get as many ants as possible from around the country to win a listening party. get all of them to sign up and RSVP yes to all the other ones that are on the list, currently at 40. i have also include a list of areas that still need a listening party.

part 2: for any ants that win one of the 100 parties ask them if they want to denote the party an ants party. for it to be an ants party, you will do a raffle to see who wins the tickets and meet and greet if that party is selected as the winner. This would give ants incentive to go to that particular party over others and raise the odds that an ants party wins the whole thing.

thoughts? i think this accomplishes yours and everyone else's goals.

additionally, I will state right now, that I will denote my party an ants party.
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